Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How to Keep Faith and Trust

One of the hardest things about being human, is having the ability to have faith and trust. With all the horrible things that go on in the world, it is easy to lose faith and not trust.

However, one of the greatest rewards in life, is when you are able to keep your faith and trust in something larger than yourself. Because if you do, with the right amount of patience, things work out beautifully. And usually, it was not something you could have planned for.

When speaking of faith, I am not only speaking of the religious or spiritual faith, but in the simple faith of life and, in certain circumstances. Keeping faith can simply mean holding on to even a little bit of hope that things will work out “ok”. And, even if they don’t, it is still okay because, there is still a lesson to be learned or, some other gem to be taken away from that experience.

In regards to trust, it is basically the same thing: that you can trust that things will work out “ok”. However, when speaking of trust, often other factors, such as fellow humans come into play. For example, if you have a strong faith, you may trust in that higher power to be there for you or, help you get through a tough time, but, you still may not trust the fellow humans involved, which can result to losing the faith.

A good way of still keeping your faith intact, is by learning to trust. To learn how to trust, is also by keeping your faith. For example, we can’t assume we are the only ones that take action out of faith, and are following a higher source of guidance. We have to also consider many others are doing the same. And, even if they are not consciously, their true self is. If you have faith in that situation, maybe it can help attract the best out of that person (their true self). And possibly, in at least in that moment, the other person could have a sense of clarity or, take unconscious action that is from a higher place, without even realizing.

As you may have guessed, this does tie into certain laws of the universe, such as the law of attraction, and how everything is energy. The bottom line is that if you think negative of a situation, you can only do more harm. Even psychologically, you cause yourself and others stress, which never makes things better.

So, why not keep the faith and trust? You could not be more hurt, than if you think negative about the situation. I am not saying to be naïve, and let all guards down, etc. But, it will not harm anything if at least in your mind, you practice faith.

For example, someone may be driving slowly in front of you and you could make up some story that they are just trying to make you mad. Or, you could have faith, that there is a reason for their actions and trust them. Maybe it is better off because they are a new driver. Or, maybe there is something up ahead you can’t see but, they want to make sure they are able to stop quickly. Very rarely, will the real reason be the negative story you made up.

What one of my teachers said recently is that if your mind is going to make up stories anyway (which they do, as we have very active imaginations), then why not make up positive stories? At the very least it will cause you less stress, and in the example above, have you drive safer (as opposed to tailgating or other harmful practices).

Also, by doing this you will also shift your energy to a more positive level, and over time to a higher vibration. And in the energy world, this will attract higher vibrational people and situations to you. 
Which in the end, allow you to live a more positive and happy life.

Even if you do not believe in the energy world, or laws of the universe, etc. As mentioned above, in the very least psychologically, it can only benefit you more, and in the end benefit your physical health as well, as stress is directly related to many ailments.

So, still not sure, on how to keep your faith and trust in certain situations? Or, have you lost your trust and faith along the way and want to get it back? Energy therapy is a great tool to work with, to help in this arena.

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Until next time; peace, love, light and JOY!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Woman Leaders: How Important They Are, and How You Can Be One!

Women may not always be the obvious leaders in society, but I feel in our families, we are, whether we like it or not.

Psychologically, the most influential people in a child’s life are the parents. Yes, this may include the father, and I am not downplaying the important role a father-figure has and, they are in many ways the leader.

But, the woman is often the leader in matters of the heart. Also, I am not just speaking to mothers, but I am also speaking to the other women in families such as; the sister, aunt, daughter, etc. Even as a single woman living alone, you still have the power to influence your family, friends or other networks, in matters of the heart and otherwise.

There have been times in my life where I have observed a woman I work with completely change the environment to something that felt safe, and of love, just by a small act of kindness, a hug, or supportive words. Their kids may have been all grown up, or may not even be a mother, but, they lead the way in their environment by speaking to the most basic needs of us all and, that is, to feel safe, loved and supported.  I can’t say how many times these small gestures often transformed by day and touched my heart.

Also, I am not saying men are incapable of being examples and leaders in this way, but I personally have never witnessed it and, it is generally speaking, more natural or easier for women to act this way, most of the time.

I also hope that with time, more and more men can become leaders in this way as well, as it is just as needed, for themselves, and the people around them.

But then, who will lead them there, first? Heart-centered women, of course.

Women are HEART LEADERS and here is how Peace Alive help women become this, in the most authentic way:

First, to have peace truly come alive, the dirt in the world needs to be cleaned up. But who will do this? You. Yes, you!

If you are woman struggling and, just wants, not only world peace but, peace in her own life, Peace Alive can help you clean that dirt up, and transform it into a more peaceful, confident, and healthy person and/or situation.

I call my clients heart-leaders, because once that dirt is cleaned up, all that is left is love and peace, and the women of this world can truly lead from this place, and teach others to do so.

By making your life better, you will become a heart-leader and expand your love to all corners of the world, whether you end up realizing it or not.

Sound like a lot of work? Nope, it is not! It is simple, and can be done effectively and fairly quickly with the energy therapy techniques Peace Alive uses.  All you need to do is take care of you for now. By doing this, you will actually help those around you more than you could ever imagine, without even trying! Sounds great right?

Well, to get started please contact me info@peacealive.comOr, for more inspiration, advice, special gifts and promotions, you can follow me on Twitter @peacealive1. Or, feel free to also like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peace-Alive/488463297834739.
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Friday, 23 January 2015

Energy Therapy for Sexual Abuse Survivors

All my life I have been in contact with or, have known someone close to me who has experienced sexual abuse on some level. It has impacted my own family in a very serious and harmful way. I personally feel it is one of worst crimes, and yet, rarely are the cases reported, and if they are, rarely do the perpetrators go to jail or, get the punishment that would be “deserved”. 

For statistics regarding these incidents in Canada, please visit http://www.sexassault.ca/statistics.htm. For statistics in America, in general, please visit https://www.rainn.org/statistics. I hope this will help make victims see they are not alone and, how important it is to speak out. Also, for those who were not aware of these numbers and, have not been a victim, to realize, an awareness and action for change, needs to be done.

Why I am speaking about this now is because I am part of a network, called change.org, where petitions are set up and, you can sign them, to help make a difference. Recently, an especially important one came to me recently, regarding the curriculum in Ontario schools. For more details about this petition and to hopefully sign it, please visit https://www.change.org/p/ontario-ministry-of-education-make-consent-a-topic-in-the-2015-ontario-health-curriculum?utm_campaign=fb_dialog&utm_medium=email&utm_source=signature_receipt&post_id=122614322_10101126893239937.

After receiving this petition, it reminded me of how important this subject is to me and I wanted to share it from an energy therapist perspective as well. Energy therapy does just relieve stress or anxiety but, it can help you heal and let go even the deepest of wounds. Although, like any practice in dealing with these type of wounds it can take some patience and time. And, a real desire to heal and let go. Also, depending on the severity of the present emotional state or of the event(s), energy therapy would also be best used in conjunction with other support systems as well.

Ultimately, my hope is that these awful occurrences happen less, or ideally, not at all. But, in order for that to even start happening, the survivors need to be able to speak out about it, report it and heal it. Then, comes the strength to make the changes necessary, such as, stopping the cycle of abuse, and making it harder for perpetrators to get away with it. Almost always perpetrators are repeat offenders, so if it happened to you, it happened to many others. The more people that come out, the more it will be undeniable that the perpetrator is guilty.

In order to assist in this process of change, I am willing to do my 1st sessions free with survivors of sexual abuse. I am not saying that it is a worst issue than anything else, but, it is an area I am very familiar with, in terms of the repercussions. Also, it is my small way in helping support these victims, as it is one of the most unreported crimes but yet, one of the most harmful.

So, if you have been a survivor of any sexual abuse crime and would like help in healing those wounds, please contact me at info@peacealive.com. Remember, I hold information confidential and, with energy therapy you do not need to report specific details of the incident, nor will you be obligated to tell me who the perpetrators are. It is completely up to you, on what and, who you tell this information to.

If you do not contact me, I understand but, I hope with all my heart that you are able to not only survive through those incidents but also thrive in life, heal and be at peace.

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Part 2: Get Empowered: Separation of the Self, from Family

Thank you for waiting for the second part of this post. I wanted to separate it, so it would be easier to digest. When we are looking at matters of identity, we can be challenged in many ways, and may not want to look outside of that “box”. If you haven’t read Part 1, please do so, as it will prepare you for this next section.

Now, that maybe your mind is bit more open and, you had time to digest and, contemplate what it means to be a part of your family but, also a separate identity, I would like to point out a few more views, before I provide an important exercise.

As I mentioned before, it is in your best interest to separate yourself from your family, so that progress can be made. Despite the obvious point that we don’t want to continue bad habits or, do things like continue the “cycle of abuse”, we can still make progress. No one or no one’s family is perfect. With an awareness, we can all agree on this.

I don’t encourage to focus on all the mistakes your parents made or, the “bad” things in your family. But, I do encourage you to be aware of them, so you are less likely to do the same.  After this awareness has come into place, you may notice you have already slipped and repeated these things. Not to worry though, because as I said, you don’t have to identify with these things and, can make a new choice today, or at any moment.

Once, there has been an improved course of action made, when this new awareness is brought, I encourage you to take the good things, and try to expand them. For instance, if your family is a generous bunch to each other, maybe you want to take that to the next level and, give back to your community and other families?

Before the exercise, there are also two aspects that need to be looked at, to understand the process. First, as an Energy Therapist, I see all the time that people not only engrain certain aspects of their family, into their mental concept of identity, but also into their energy field. That is why when they “let go” of a certain trait, it can feel almost physically painful, as it may have been with them for a long time. Possibly, even since birth, since many of us adopt these energies through past ancestors as well.

Another aspect of this topic, is that of the ego. I am sure this term has been brought to your attention more than once, but many still have a hard time adjusting to its lesson and concepts. A great resource to really bring awareness of the ego, is Eckhart Tolles' books. “The Power of Now” is a perfect start, but also to get even deeper, my favourite would be “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.”

In a nutshell, the ego is simply a by-product of our mind and is not truly who we are. The ego is what identifies things as good or bad, and attaches to our families for the support of these concepts of “who we are”. But as mentioned before, who we are, is actually a huge community of similar cells and DNA. And, who we are is our spirit.

In order to ever recognize your spirit and to know in fact, you have one, you have to separate yourself from your ego. Your ego is what manipulates, starts arguments, creates power struggles, and really is the main root of our suffering. And as you may have guessed: yes, it also identifies you with your family and latches on.

I doubt anyone wants to go backwards and regress in life and, most likely if they do, it is not them, it is their ego thinking it is “safer” or “better” for them.  So, let’s get started on separating from your ego and your family, so you can progress. As, it is our spirit/ true self that wants to inherently do so.

Step 1: Close your eyes and take at least 3 deep breathes and try to quiet the mind. Turn off any distractions if you need to. If thoughts come into your head, simply “watch” them and let them pass. Try not to get “attached”. If you catch yourself doing so, simply bring your focus back to your breath. 

Step 2: Stay in this place of peace for at least a few moments.

Step 3: Open your eyes and write down in one positive word what you felt in the moments of silence. Was it peace? Safety? Joy?

Step 4: Write down beside this positive word, “This is who I am.”

Step 5: Take your EFT chart out (if you have one). If you don’t have one, contact me at info@peacealive.com or sign up to our e-newsletter on www.peacealive.com and I will send you one.

Step 6: Tapping on the karate chop point say aloud, “Even though I have let myself be controlled by my past, family and/or ego, I now give myself permission to separate myself from my ego and family for the betterment of my future. I am ______ (fill in blank with positive word determined before). And I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself. “Repeat this 3 times.

Step 7: Move to other points, tapping 7/8 times on each one, while saying short phrases of the long one presented above, such as; “releasing past” , “giving permission to separate”, “ I am _____”, etc.  You can move through all the points for a few rounds.

Step 8: Take at least 1 or 2 deep breathes in and, come to that place of silence again, while closing your eyes. Stay here a few moments.

After trying this process, if you need assistance, have any questions or concerns, about the aspects or topics mentioned, please feel free to contact me directly or leave a comment below, and I would be happy to get back to you and assist.

I truly hope this exercise has brought some empowerment, awareness, peace or other feel-good feelings to your life today. If it has not, or even if you have any feedback you would like to share, I would love to hear it.

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Until next time; peace, love, light and JOY!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Part 1: Get Empowered: Separation of the Self, from Family

We often pride ourselves on being a part of our families. We do things like; insist on keeping our last name, not hesitating to tell people of an ancestor who has contributed to society, in some way.

Or, when we are “embarrassed” of our family’s past, even if we had nothing to do with it, we often hide it completely, or tell only close friends. We even do things like; never talk about our family, or never bring people home to meet who is there.

Although it is normal and natural to identify yourself with your family, it is not all of who you are. Even if, where you came from is something to be proud of, it still is only their accomplishment isn’t it? Even if you supported and encouraged them or, helped in the result, the outcome is still separate from who you are.

You may be reluctant to admit this but, if that same accomplishment completed by another family member, was then demolished by a harsh truth (such as an illegal activity) you would quickly discard that as a part of your family, wouldn’t you? You would say you had nothing to do with it and, it is not who you are.

Well, you are right. It is not who you are but, neither is the honest accomplishment made by another ancestor that your family may be known for.

You may wondering what my point is, as it seems a bit harsh. However, I think it is an important subject to talk about, as so many of us struggle with our families. And one of the main reasons for this, is this very topic of being attached or detached from them.

Although, yes, we may have similar physical attributes, gestures, even personality traits, we are NOT our family. Instead, a better way to determine your identity, is to see yourself as a product of creation itself, instead.

Why? You may ask. Well, it is quite simple but, may need a complicated explanation, which is why this is only part 1. I will cover more details and, an exercise you can use to help gain more confidence, empowerment and self-awareness, in the 2nd part of this article.

First, I will get to my main point and a new awareness I have come to, just today. In reality, humanity shares almost identical DNA. This DNA and the cells that it is made of, are the same and, work the same way. It is also “powered” by the same source. We not only share our basic nature with each other but, we also share 96% DNA with chimpanzees!

If we are so similar wouldn't this make us more identifiable with our families? Well, no actually, because you can almost be just as closely related to chimps, as well. This is not an argument for evolution vs. creation or vice versa. In fact, I am pointing this out, to share how they can be one in the same.

You have been created by your parents and are “related” to your siblings and extended family. However, there is also room for evolution. For example, just because your parents smoke, it does not mean you have to. Their behaviour does not define you. The older you get, the more you can make independent decisions on what is best for you and, your future.

If we let the past control us, we can’t evolve. And what would the world look like now, if we never evolved from the days that most of our family members were racist, or when we burned people on a stake? Not very good, would it?

It is important to separate ourselves from our family, even if our family is loving and amazing, because there is still always room for progress. Next time, I will go further into why that is and, a way you can do this for yourself as well.

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Monday, 8 December 2014

The Power of Your Unconscious Mind and What You Expose To It

I learned something today that I think is so valuable, that I must share it. I hope that you will read this article fully and, take something from it.

It doesn't do any good “knowing” a lot if you aren't going to implement it, into your life. I realized this recently and, noticed that, even with obtaining a wealth of knowledge, I have not been very good on truly putting into practice.  In some departments, I have done this well but others (and the ones that need most improvement), I have not. However, learning this lesson about the unconscious, made me come to this conclusion as well. It is always nice when one lesson, really gives you two or more! So, I encourage you to find a way to incorporate what you learned from this article, starting today.

The lesson I am speaking of, is one that incorporates not only the mind, but also, I believe your energy. Many of us, more than ever, are bombarded with media streams of information. It is almost impossible to get away from it. Yet, at least half of what you are ingesting through these means, is 
either useless or negative.

I’m sure many of you have heard the term, “you are what you eat”; well, I also believe, you are what you learn. By learn, I don’t mean necessarily in a school manner but, without realizing it you are learning how to behave, think and even feel through what you watch, listen to and read. You can try your best to be the most present and not to “take in” the bad, but your unconscious mind and energy field will absorb it, whether you like it or not. Although, being present and consciously aware does help in that you won’t “absorb” as much.

Knowing this, is kind of scary isn’t it? People may say, “oh, I can’t be brainwashed” and think they are above this but sadly, the more they deny their vulnerability, the more likely they are to be brainwashed! If you are not aware of something, how can you protect yourself from it?

I am not advising to never watch, listen or read anything “negative” ever again. But it definitely would not hurt anything! Except, the only downfall is that you may look at the world with rose coloured glasses and, not know the harsh reality of the world. But, if you are always in a positive space, you will continue to attract positive things and people into your life. Therefore, “your world” will be different.

We may not be able to control what others do or, the world outside. However, we do have more say in our life than we think. If we choose the positive things in life, than those can only increase. You may not be immune to any tragedy ever happening because, that is the unfortunate thing about life, but, you will be able to deal with it and, move to a more positive place, a lot quicker.

All in all, you will be more balanced, energized, positive and at peace. As I mentioned before, your unconscious mind is also a direct reflection of the energy field you are in. If your thoughts are negative, than your energy will be negative. And with that, you will only repel positive things and people.

For instance, I am sure many of you have experienced being around someone who is negative. Think about not only how put off you were by what they said or did but, remember the feeling you got when you were around them. In my experience, I have felt “dirty” like I rolled in mud, or felt heavy in my heart or shoulders like they just threw a boulder on me. What you are feeling in this instance, is their negative energy seeping onto yours.

Although there are ways to “protect” yourself energetically or spiritually, it is better to choose to not be around that person. Or, choose to not watch that scary movie, or read that scary book. You have a choice to bring good into your life, why choose the opposite?

You can start with something simple, like choosing not to watch the news. It is mostly negative and quite frankly, pointless. Unless, you need to watch the weather because of your work or a trip you are going on, what value does it really hold in your personal life? Think about this for a minute and, ask, ‘when was the last time watching or reading the news somehow made my life better?’ I personally can’t think of anytime. And if it has, by chance, how often?

Also, another thing about news is people love to talk about it so reality, you don’t even need to watch to find out about something important, because I am sure your neighbour, friend, colleague or otherwise will let you know. And even that, you can choose to say, “Sorry, I don’t want to hear about this, unless it is positive, or, it is going to prompt me to prepare for something (ie. a tornado).” It is no offense to them, it is just taking responsibility for your own life and, what you choose to have in it.

If you are feeling like you are dealing with a lot of negative subconscious and energetic baggage that may have accumulated of the years and, you want a clean slate, contact me at info@peacealive.com, and I would happy to get our started! Remember, I also offer Skype sessions and distance healing, for those not in my area.

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Self-Care is Vital for a Healthy Life

I used to think that putting yourself first, or taking care of yourself in any way was selfish. Also, I had and still have this instinct or pull, to attend to others’ needs first. Some may even call this a maternal instinct. Yet, even for you moms out there, this rule, I am about to talk about still applies to you!

For example, as mothers, I am sure you do everything and anything for your kids. Which is amazing and honorable. But, you can actually be doing even better than you are now, but taking a moment and taking care of yourself first.

Think about it, if you were only to feed others around you, you would starve and then not be there in the future, to make them food, in the first place! Or, say you stayed up all night watching your child sleep to make sure they had a good rest. Well, in the morning you would be awfully grumpy and would not be able to perform the rest of your duties, at your best. You could even be putting yourself and your child in danger, say if you had to drive them to school that morning.

I realize these are extreme examples, but even at a small fraction of this truth, makes sense, doesn’t it? For instance, burning yourself out and not eating right or sleeping, etc. does make for a less productive and might I add, less pleasant you.

You may be able to do the dishes, clean the house, drive the kids to school and activities, go to work, etc. But really, at the very end of it, do you get to spend quality time with your children? Do they get to see you at your happiest and therefore bring out their best self?? Most likely not, if you are not taking care of you, first. And when everyone is on edge or grumpy, it doesn’t make for a very peaceful household does it?

Not to mention, you are also teaching them NOT to take care of themselves, which leaves an even longer and bigger burden on you for the years to come. Then, resentment builds and puts a wedge between you and your kids.

I am not judging but, the best way to teach people to love you, is to first love yourself. The best way to do this, is to put yourself first. Also, I am not saying to neglect your responsibilities in any way. In fact, I am stating that you will be able to fulfill these responsibilities more efficiently and, be happier doing them!

Although, I used ‘the mother’ example in this, it does apply to everyone. It could even apply someone who does not have a family but, is a humanitarian, who volunteers and works for the community. If this person, doesn’t make sure they eat properly, sleep enough, take some time to treat themselves, they too, will be burned out. And then, their ability to fulfill their commitments will go downhill.

The world in general would be a much better place, if we all looked, loved and healed ourselves. Just imagine what a family get-together would look like if all you and, your family members had all gone to therapy or, got other help and, you were all happy and healthy. There would definitely be more love and less bickering, wouldn’t there?

I know it is idealistic, which apparently, I am; but, it doesn’t hurt to strive for the best, as that is, what we all deserve!!

If you would like to treat yourself to a calm, relaxing and freeing time, contact me at info@peacealive.com, to set up a free 30 minute introductory session of the Energy Therapy service of your choice!

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