Thursday, 30 October 2014

Choosing the Sunny Side to Get More Sun

Although life may not be always be full of rainbows and butterflies, we all have a choice to at least make it closer to that image, than we think. Even when we are in the darkest times, there truly can be a silver lining.

It may not be easy but, you can make a choice to see something good. And the more you can make this choice, the easier it will become. For example, you may lose a job, but then this may open a door for a better job, or give you time to spend with loved ones, or time to finally write that book you wanted to write.

Even when a loved one is terminally ill (or equally bad), there is still a way to make the experience more positive. For instance, you can see it as a chance to get to know that person even better or, tell them your true feelings about them, and see the sense of peace they can have from this.

Whether we like it or not, “bad” things can and do happen because there is something to be learned, something to take away that can enhance your character or quality of life. But, we have to make a conscious choice to do so. If we let ourselves drown in the negativity, the same bad things will keep happening.

Life is not just a series of random events to torture us. Life is supposed to be about living: living our greatest potential and trying to experience the best things this world has to offer. And the only way to truly do this, is to try and take away the positive things from an experience and, learn from it.

In the moment, just allow yourself to stop, breathe and consciously decide to think, “What is positive here?”, “What can I laugh about in this moment?” or, “What opportunities or joy can I take from this?” Not; “Why does the world hate me? “, “Life sucks.” or, “That person is so awful.”

Every moment, you have an opportunity to either make your life better, or worse. Next time something upsets you, acknowledge the emotion is there (because denying could actually make it worse), and say, “Thank you for showing up. I appreciate the feedback but I am going to let you go now and, choose something positive.”

To say this mentally is important because in true reality, choosing fear, worry, anxiety, anger, etc. really gets you nowhere. It can only make the situation worse. So, yes, we are all human and have emotions and they are not bad but, they do need to be dealt with in the right manner. Just like physical pains in your body, emotions are also a signal that something is wrong within you (not outside of yourself). And the best way to heal these emotions is allow them to be let go and be transformed into their opposite.

When doing energy work, this is what I and the client are constantly doing, either taking the negative emotions, letting them go and then introducing newer, more positive ones, or in treatments like Reiki, the client allows for me to simply take the energy of those emotions, pain or negative “stuff”, and have it be released and/or transformed. Then, again, more positive loving and light energy is put back in.

Even in nature, this is done all the time. Yes, there are natural disasters but what happens say after a forest fire? The land is then replenished and grows again, and the fire itself was even nature’s way of helping new growth.  Check out this blog to see how the forest does this and incredible facts:

Nature makes a choice to keep surviving and thriving and that is just what we need to do.  We are a part of nature, and therefore need to start taking lessons from it. And the first lesson should be: to take what is “bad”, learn from it and, use to our advantage, to not only thrive but, also be happier and enjoy life more fully.

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Can’t Shake off Those Negative Feelings? Maybe They Aren’t Yours! PART 2

Welcome back! Now that I have tapped on, and let go of what was not mine, I want to get down to the different tools that can help release that negative “stuff” I discussed.

One simple tool is to “cut the cords”, especially when they are bad. To do this, all you need to do is imagine you cutting it with scissors, a sword or even burning it, until it dissolves. This is especially needed for the negative ones.

Although, with loved ones you may not want to cut the cord. In this case, you simply ask the energy to return to its sender with love and consciousness attached. To learn more about these exercises, check out the Love or Above program, that it is from. It can be found by clicking here:  This is also a great resource to learn about the vibrations of your energy and how they can help/effect you.

Another way to rid of the “stuff” you may have picked up, is a simple clearing technique such as smudging. Smudging has been used my many Native cultures for centuries. The medicine I typically use is sage, as this is, what I was taught with and, is most common, due its recognizable benefits.  Its purpose is to clear your energy field and/or space of anything negative that is lingering.  It seems silly to think just burning a plant and wafting its smoke around could do anything. But once you have done it, and you get in touch with the energy around you, you will instantly feel the relief and the better “vibe” of the space. For more information on smudging, please click here:

The next technique I will discuss can be used from the very beginning but, personally I like to do ALL of them for maximum benefits, especially if you are feeling really low. If you just need a bit of a boost or “pick me up”, you can use just one or two of the methods. For more serious cases, EFT is almost a MUST. Emotional Freedom Technique is called what is called for obvious reasons. It allows your feelings to be gone and yourself to be free, to feel better. Although, it is most known to work on your own feelings it can also be used for other feelings, if you get a hint they are not yours.

For instance, what I said during my self- tapping session to begin, while tapping on the karate chop point was, “Even though I feel sad, umotivated, tired, and lazy today and right now, and I don’t know why, I still deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.”  (Note: you can substitute the underlined parts with your own feelings of course). As always, this was repeated 3 times, and then I proceeded with the other points and, short forms such as “feeling sad”, etc. Eventually, the feelings left and I figured out the why. Which was of course, that the feelings were not mine to begin with!

What is awesome about doing EFT with these type of feelings is, you only need to do a couple of rounds because, the feelings are not tied to your own personal issues- it is simply energy floating in your field, that is not yours. If the feelings are yours, you will know right away because your why will show up and, you may begin remembering that time you were punished for something you didn’t do, or realize today was exactly one year ago, when you lost a loved one, etc.  Either way, EFT should take care of it. Just allow it to flow and trust your intuition on what to say, and of course, be completely honest with how you are feeling.

If you are not familiar with the steps with EFT. You can sign up to our newsletter on and I will send you a free copy of the Self-Esteem Worksheet. This explains the basic steps, includes a diagram AND shows you how to use it for your self-esteem issues. This is especially important to us “sensitive” people, as often low self-esteem goes along with this struggle (in my experience).

Also, for more helpful tools you can use at home, be sure to check out our new pricing and products available on the “Our Services/Products” page on

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Can’t Shake off Those Negative Feelings? Maybe They Aren’t Yours! PART 1

Have you ever had a day where you feel sad, angry, or otherwise, and don’t know why? You may even begin to make up reasons why, and start drama where it doesn’t belong! Well, I am here to tell you that is ok, and for us more sensitive types, pretty normal.

I started today feeling sad and have been trying to shake it off all day because I really have no valid reason to feel this way. But just trying to forget about it and ignore it, only made it worse (which is true for any emotion, by the way).  I then remembered what all my education in energy taught me: is that everything is energy and we are connected (especially to our loved ones).  With our loved ones we even have an energy cord that is very strong. This is why when one of those people leave our life, it physically hurts from the emotional pain. We feel a void, or like someone chopped off one of our limbs.

Unfortunately these cords can also be negative ones tied to our enemies, or people, you have had past fights with, etc. Or, they may even be people that you never met, but they seemed to develop a hatred for you. This hurts them, as much as it hurts you, by the way, they just don’t know it.

Because we are all energy and connected, we often “pick-up” unconsciously other people’s baggage, emotions, thoughts, etc. This can even happen when you don’t speak to someone. This is because your energies are still communicating. For instance, if you walk into a room full of addicts and you are not one, most likely you will feel instantly “gross” because of all the heavy stuff they carry. On the other hand, people often go to church because of the “feel-good” and loving energy of the well-intentioned people there. This is just a generalization of course, but you get the idea!

Don’t get me wrong- people don’t mean to do this (well, not very many) but ALL of us do ALL the time, without realizing it. Those of us that are more sensitive to these negative energies, will either try to avoid at all costs, unconsciously take it in so they can release it for that person, or try to stay reserved so that don’t “dump” on anyone else. Many us will bite our tongue, do more listening than talking, etc. because we know how it feels to be dumped on. So we try at all costs to not stir conflict, etc. But, the issue with this is, is that our energy still gets seeped out. People still end up responding negatively because they feel our judgement, opposing opinion, sadness, etc.

From the time I can remember, I have been an extremely sensitive person- to the point I was also very shy because of it. Which is probably why I ended up in the energy world of practice but, either way, I am grateful, because it also gives me a more tuned ability to pick up on others. I am still working on the discerning part, which leads me to my point today.

Even I, who worked with energy tools all the time forgot my sadness might not have been mine! Then it clicked, and I was like DUH! Of course I feel this way. Someone close to me lost their close friend (who I didn’t really know) and I just found out today. Because I love this person, I unconsciously, instantly took on their pain for them. This is something I had been doing all my life. 

Even though, yes, there were valid events in my own life, in the past, to have me feel depressed, it was not as often or as intense, as it should have been. This was because I also ended up taking on others’ harsh feelings as well.

I understand now that this is not my job. It is not my job to take care of them in this way because, what good am I, if I am depressed, drained, and upset as well? You can’t be fully supportive for someone if you too, need just as much support. Also, if you do take on others energies, it will only lead to sickness.
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Monday, 20 October 2014

Take Action that is True to You and Help All

Although it may seem like it at first, doing things only for someone else’s approval, actually doesn't accomplish much. You may think, “Well, they know what is best for me”, or “If I don’t do this, then they won’t love or respect me.”

If the latter is the true, would you really want someone in your life that will only love and respect you, if you do what they want? Isn't that called conditional love? We all want unconditional love, where the people you love, love you back because of who you are, not for what you do for them.

Of course, we will do things for each other that we don’t exactly like, because of love but, if you find yourself eventually feeling resentful, then there is something wrong with the picture. Either it means; they are not appreciating those things, taking you for granted, or, you are simply not setting appropriate boundaries. Loving someone doesn't mean you give everything you have, until there is nothing left. Loving someone means giving because you want to, and setting boundaries. If you let them run all over you and others, it does nothing for their character; therefore, it does nothing for them, on a deeper level. Setting boundaries is a part of loving yourself and others.

When you are trying to accomplish a goal, if you have your time be consumed by tasks to only serve others, you will never reach your goal. Therefore, you end up resenting the ones you love and are not truly helping anyone.

Therefore, you must set out your day to first do what you love, what you want to do, that moves you closer to your goals. Then, with the rest of your time, you can give more freely, lovingly and without resentment. You will be loving yourself more completely and others as well. Don’t cut yourself short, or you will be short in a lot of other things; energy, money, time, love and ultimately happiness!

If, needing to please others, is something you struggle with, I completely understand, as it has naturally been a part of my personality, for years. But I can tell you first hand, you are worth the time and effort. So, if you would like pass this issue, and live a more fulfilling life, please contact me at We have a few different treatment options such as BEAM, EFT and Reiki. All which can tackle this issue and others. Also, if you mention this article when contacting, I would be happy to provide you a 15% discount.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Having a Relationship with Yourself and What Can Benefit

Even if you don’t realize it, you already have a relationship with yourself. If you are not aware of this relationship, most likely it has some negative effects, on the rest of your life. Having a healthy relationship with yourself is important because, even as people come and go, you will always be stuck with you. If/when you are stuck with you, and you don’t like who you are, or you find yourself feeling “lonely”, than obviously you will be in a more negative place, than you would be otherwise.

Having a relationship with yourself, directly relates to your self-esteem and your spiritual connection. When you don’t like physical, mental or emotional aspects about yourself, this immediately creates disharmony within you. When someone has low self-esteem, it effects everything from relationships with other people, to motivation for success.

It is an on-going pain within that seems to infect every aspect of your life. And then, the more your life becomes negative, you beat yourself up, which then, repeats the negative effects. This is known as the self-fulfilling prophecy. It may be more evident in someone who shows physical signs, such as being overweight. The person could say, “Well I gained weight because I am stressed and, now I am stressed again because, I am unhappy with my weight, so now I want to eat more”.  This kind of negative thought path can only lead to harm and less than positive results.

To gain confidence in your ability to do something or, receive something positive, it starts with feeling, and knowing you are worthy. No one can tell you are worthy, only you can make that determination. So many times I have witnessed compliments being given to someone, and the person denies themselves that positive truth- that they are beautiful, smart, helpful, etc. Then, the person giving the compliment feels not heard and, may stop trying. Eventually, this may even create a wedge between you and the other person. People with low self-esteem or a poor relationship with their self, often push people away, as they feel safer doing so. I know this first-hand, as I have done this many times myself.  And, unfortunately, this is just one way of how a low self-esteem, can negatively affect your life.

No one can deny that we all need a little more love between us and, the negative comments made about each other, to our faces or, behind our backs, is detrimental to our own self-worth. Not to mention, we are passing this down to future generations who, will also have low self-esteem, and another negative pattern is created.  However, we do need to step up, take responsibility and love ourselves first, because even if people will give you love, if you don’t do it yourself, you won’t be open to it (as the above scenario indicates).

So what can we do? Well, as mentioned in the beginning, we have to first create a healthy relationship with ourselves. To do this we need to first look at all the negative talk we give ourselves. A simple and usually effective way is to write these comments down, as you notice them. Many times, once written, a lot of the comments will look ridiculous and, may even shift your belief about that aspect, instantly. However, if it is a deep-seated issue, a closer look and healing needs to take place.  

One of my favourite ways of tackling self-esteem issues and, negative self-talk patterns that create these issues and beliefs, is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). To get you started with this method, I offer a tool that you can use at home. You can receive this tool by signing up to our e-newsletter on Then, within 24 hours, I will send you a free copy! There is no risk involved and, why not begin to heal the most important relationship you will ever have?

Now that we have discussed the self-esteem aspect, I would like to discuss briefly the importance of the spiritual connection, with yourself, as I mentioned above.  You don’t actually have to be a religious or a spiritual person to do this either. As it is about seeing the great potential you have, your own power and that there is something greater beyond our five senses, that will always support you.

The spiritual connection can be with God (in the general sense) but, I am speaking more about the part of you that connects to God and, is of higher consciousness. You can experience and feel this higher consciousness simply by quieting your space and mind, and doing something simple, as concentrating on your breathe. Or, you can go for a walk and take your time to fully experience the sounds, smells, and good feeling that it brings within yourself. You will feel connected deeper and, on a higher vibration. This feeling can also be recognized when you truly do feel someone else’s love for you. It is the feeling that people often describe as “being or feeling touched”.  Which is why the phrase “touched by an angel” has come about, so many times.

What this source of love and light is, is almost insignificant. The important part is that you feel the love and the light. This is your “higher self”, as I, and others like to call it. Once you experience that feeling and knowing, of that you are a part of something greater- that you are like a star in the galaxy- you are then, connected.  We are all made of the same things and are as significant as the sun, and as insignificant as an ant (as some may say).

Once we realize this connection, we do need to take the time to strengthen it often, so we never forget. This will in-turn, strengthen your relationship with yourself because, you are allowing love to be received, from the highest place. You can go another step further and, start to have “conversations” with this higher self, which is directly related to your intuition. When you listen to your intuition, you are listening to your higher self. Only you actually know what is best for you, as you are the only one that has access to your own spirit, and higher self-connection on a daily basis.

A great way to gain experience feeling that peaceful and connected state is through meditation, or a like-minded activity. Other ways may be; taking a walk in nature (as mentioned before), dancing, creating art work, cooking, etc. It is whatever activity allows your mind to be silent and, you present, so that your true self can also be present.

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Until next time; peace, love, light and JOY!

Friday, 10 October 2014

How to Let it Go and Free Yourself!

I will be the first to admit that I have struggled with letting things go. What do I mean by this? Well, it is when an event happens or someone says something or, a possibility arises that is negative, comes into focus, and you can’t not think about it, stress or worry about it.

This issue is, is that we often think this will help, and that somehow miraculously a solution will arise or, the problem will disappear. Unfortunately, worrying and focusing on a problem will only make it worse! The true and best solution (that I am sure everyone knows internally), is to focus on solutions (not the problem) and/or LET IT GO.

Well, let’s start with the first option, as more people are comfortable with this and, it seems like the necessary thing to do:

1)      In order to find solutions, that may be there, you first need to actually stop worrying. Give yourself permission to put the chatter box in your head a rest, for at least a few minutes. Sometimes taking a few deep breathes, will help you do this.
2)      Next, what I like to do is write down what the issue is- in short form (if you can).
3)      Next, write down and brainstorm possible actions you can do today (as it is best to start with the present). Either write down:

   a) things to help solve the issue (i.e. eat a healthy meal to help lose weight) or
   b) things you can do that will help you relax (i.e. take a warm bath and listen to calming music).

The B option, is really meant for, if you truly do not have control over the issue, and feel there is nothing you can do, at the present moment, to help fix it. For example, if you are in the middle of a divorce and, are waiting for the other party to sign the papers. Well, you probably have already asked nicely for them to do so, as you want to move past this stressful time, but, they have not done it, in the timeframe you would like. Therefore, you can’t really harass them or “put a gun to their head”; so, what more can you do?

Well, option B. That’s right: all you can do, is RELAX. Let your mind and body rest, and take care of you. You have done your part, so let the rest fall into place, as it comes. Maybe the next day will bring a solution, or maybe it won’t. The point is, causing yourself stress by focusing on the negative, only hinders your ability to find a solution, causes harm on your health and only brings negativity to those around you.

If, after you write these things down (the issue and possible solutions), take action on the solutions you discovered, and take a relaxing moment for yourself, you still are struggling with mental negative chatter, that is keeping you stressed and in the problem; I would suggest taking a step further and, get some outside help.

You can start to do this, by discussing solutions with others (preferably others that have been through the same situation or, can understand/empathize), or take a break with friends and/or family and, do an activity that will help you relax and have fun.

If this still does not seem to help, I would advise seeking a bit more professional help such as a counselor. Although, in my experience, the best technique to help with this type of habit of “worry” and negative mental chatter, is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT really can help, because it first narrows on the underlying belief or, worry that has caused the negative thought path, and then, uses the acupuncture technique (without needles) by tapping on certain points, that are known to help with releasing negative energy, stored in your physical body and, energetic field. Next, you can then implement new beliefs systems and, positive thought patterns that will help you in the future.  This will also help raise your vibration to a more positive state, to attract more; positive events, people, feelings, etc., into your life.

To learn more about EFT, feel free to send me any questions to I will answer them freely, as well as, I can provide you some introductory tools, to help you get started. Or, if you are ready to jump right in, we can start on treatments. Please visit our site,, for more details on EFT and other treatments we offer.

Until next time; peace, love, light and JOY!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Delete the Viruses and Bring Back the True You

Yesterday I listened to an incredible interview, focusing on a specific releasing technique, given by Larry Crane. Although, I am very familiar with many good releasing techniques, I have to admit this was quite different and surprisingly effective.  If you would like to learn more about his offer, click on the following link: Although, keep in mind that I believe it is only for a limited time, so if you are serious about releasing those blocks and, want a tool to help you do it, on your own, I would advise getting purchasing as soon as possible.

While listening to his interview, something that I had learned before or knew before, was brought again to my attention. I think it is an extremely vital aspect to point out, when explaining negative energy and how it can affect all aspects of your life.  This is why I wanted to share it with you today.

The analogy that he used, I think is perfect to describe how our mind and consciousness works, and how underestimating its potential, can be harmful.  You may have even heard this analogy before, but, I hope to explain it in a way, that is a bit different from what you may think it means. Our mind is like a computer, as it tries to organize information, stores it and even works “unconsciously”, such as walking, etc. without us needing to systemically think about it.

Just like computers, from the time we are born into this world we start to pick up viruses. These viruses are essentially negative beliefs or constructs that were imprinted into us by our parents, other family members, friends, etc. Although, most of those people did not realize what they were doing and really meant no harm, it did end up shaping the rest of our lives, as we start to react and play out these negative constructs unconsciously, without even realizing where they came from.

The good news, is that we do not need to know where the viruses came from. As Larry explains, all we have to do is say “yes” to it. Just like when you are about to delete a program on a computer, it always asks, “Are you sure you want to delete?” and you have to press “yes”, for it to be removed. This is the same with our minds: we need to say yes to the negative feeling, pain, or belief in order for it to have an opportunity to leave.

This can be very difficult, as from the time we are very young, caregivers tend to say NO, way more often than they say YES. Also, we are taught that any negative emotion needs to not be expressed, stuffed away in a box and are “bad”. Although, they are negative, they do have a place and, should not be ignored. Ignoring it, does not delete it. Have you ever ignored the issues on your computer for a long time? What happens? Well, eventually the computer shuts down completely, dies or the issues just grow in general. Again, this is the same for our conscious and unconscious minds.

You would be surprised at how fast a negative emotions will dissipate the moment you bring awareness to it and just let it be. It may raise initially, so you can let out that tear or two, but if you don’t resist and say “yes” to it, accept it and love it and yourself anyway, it quickly will pass.

This is essentially the basic concept for many releasing techniques. One is not necessarily better than the other, as long as the intention and willingness to let go is there. The one technique that I often work with is EFT, or also called tapping. Even when listening and going through the short exercise on Larry’s call, I tapped a bit along the way, just give an extra oomph.

I can honestly say that immediately after the call I had a sense of relief and peace. Although, later in the day, I found myself going through an emotional rollercoaster. I often explain to my clients that this can happen, but I haven’t experienced it for myself in quite a long time.  As after a releasing session, your body and energetic body continues to keep releasing, and processing at least a day after. This is why I usually advise to take good care of yourself, such as; drinking lots of water, eating well and having a good sleep.

It was quite remarkable (in kind of a bad way), how fast old programs got a hold of me and made my emotional rollercoaster worse! I went from earlier in the day to crying happy tears to later in the day to being angry. A couple of moments of being triggered and I felt my emotions run the show.

So how can we accept the negative emotion/moment but not let it run things? Well, the mistake I made was from the beginning of triggers, I did not let myself be aware and did not truly say “yes” to them. Also, I was not honest with myself that it was my trigger and instead, I let my ego take part and blame the other person.  So, I resisted, panicked and put my defenses up.

When we are triggered, we are usually, immediately sent back to our programs we have not fully healed yet. If the issue is healed, we would not have that trigger again.  To begin healing that trigger, the first step is to bring awareness to it. We do not need to analyze it, to see where it came from (necessarily) but, we would need to look at it from a higher consciousness. This is where I believe, a higher power can be especially helpful. Let that higher power, whatever it may be (that you believe in) to allow yourself to loving accept what you are feeling, and as you become aware, say yes to it, and the process should take care of it.

However, if we are with others, it may be best to breathe deeply from your stomach and through your nose, and go to the washroom or another room, where you can have a moment of space, to have your release. Once you are able to process the emotion, you can go back to the situation. Although, depending on where the other people are at, you may even have to ask that it be discussed another day. And remember, once you have the tools to deal with the issue, they may not, and in that case, in normal circumstances, we often need at least a couple hours to “cool down”.  So try to be understanding and compassionate and, allow that greater space for them.

As we delete these viruses, we start to actually become more of our true and natural self. Just like a computer, we are not meant to be full of viruses and be dysfunctional. Our true self, which is connected to our spirit and the divine consciousness is, full of love, peace and light. Often many spiritual practices will call this enlightenment or, when our spirit is back in our true home: heaven. 
But, I belief we don’t need to wait for heaven or, follow a million rules to become “enlightened”. You are already enlightened, you just don’t know it yet! Give yourself permission to delete those viruses, and give yourself a chance to experience and feel heaven on earth!

To help lead you in that positive direction, take advantage of Larry’s program mentioned above, use another releasing tool that resonates with you, or contact me at, for details of other energy release treatments, which can also be incredibly effective.

Until next time; peace, love, light and JOY!