Friday, 21 November 2014

Increase Your Self-Esteem and Only Compare Yourself to You

Recently, I had a discussion with a friend of mine and, she mentioned something that struck a chord. It wasn't as if I never heard this before, but for some reason, this time, it really stuck. I remember it was even something my mother always told me but, especially when I was young, it didn't quite sink it. She said, “Don’t compare yourself to others.”

Unless you are the most attractive, richest, kindest, most accomplished, talented person in the world, comparing yourself to others really only leads to low self-esteem. And in any case, things like talent, looks and accomplishments are subjective. So really, there is no point to this task that we too often do. I have figured, it is simply an act of our egos. Comparing means that you are ultimately determining if something or someone is less or more, than the other. And isn't that our ego? As our ego always wants to be better. When in reality, at our core and truth self, we are all the same.

Ego and self-esteem issues rests in the solar plexus chakra (or also known as the navel chakra). This chakra is located just above the belly button and below the chest. The color that often represents this chakra is yellow.  Physical issues that may show due to unresolved matters in this area are things like; weight gain or loss (including eating disorders), heartburn and stomach problems, etc.

This is an area in our society that shows up in many unhealthy ways. It can explain the increasing obesity rates, and the eating disorders that are so prevalent, especially in young women. So, you may ask, why are our egos and self-esteems so out of order? Well, there are MANY answers to that question. But, one of the reasons, that is a small piece, is about comparing ourselves to others.

This is extremely difficult not to do, as in society we are taught from a very young age to do it, through things like; sports, school, contests, and other competing activities. I am not saying competition is not healthy but, it is more about how we teach our kids to participate and, the values we take away from it.

For example, it is best teach that we are all winners as long as we know we tried our best.  I am happy I was never was shamed about my grades in school because if I was, I would have done much worse. And even though I did struggle in the beginning, near the end of my high school career, I was on the honor roll and got into university. This did not come easy, mind you, as what I did, was trying my best, which took a lot of effort at times.

In the opposite scenario, in sports, I was teased a lot and was picked last to be on teams, etc. This of course, just led to a low self-esteem in these areas and I stopped trying. It took me years to start physical activities on my own, from fear of failure.  The only thing I was praised on, or encouraged was dance. So, of course I did continue to do this, in many avenues. But, it wasn't until recent years where I started working out, doing yoga, mountain biking and more!  But I have to admit, “sports” still deter me.

Yet, maybe if there was a more positive, encouraging environment with less emphasis on who is better than who, then who knows, maybe I would have done a lot better in that as well. Or, at the very least, it wouldn't have killed my self-esteem!

Even still, with the tools, blessings, and good advice I have been given over the years, the “comparing myself to others” still haunted me. It wasn't so much as I wanted to be better than others, it was more that, I wanted to be as good as others, instead of feeling like I fall short.

I am grateful for my friend and her wisdom, in waking up something in me, I already knew but did not put into practice.  There are a couple reasons why I think this finally clicked; first, I am at a more spiritual place in my life and have developed and learned the concept of we are all the same. We are made of the same materials and are connected to the same source. Therefore, our quality, at its core is pure and simple and equal.

Second, on a more material view; we have all been dealt a different hand in life. We have different parents, caregivers, teachers, upbringing, events that occurred, etc. Even twins who look the same will still experience the world differently, as they may have different friends or talents, or their parents may treat them differently.  And, let’s not forget, we all have been given different personalities, which include their own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, on the surface level we have been given different tools to work with.  You can’t expect two totally different people, one with a hammer and the other with a drill, to end up with the same sculpture. 

If anything, I think these differences can be looked at as unique and good qualities. We all have unique gifts that we can express and share with the world, but at the same time, they are all from the same loving source. Taking a step back and breathing in this truth, that ego will mostly likely slip away, and a deep peace will reside, even if it is only a for a minute.

The more we practice to take a step outside of ourselves, to see these truths and, quiet our ego (the “comparing” chatter), the better off we all will be. It can be difficult at first but remember, just try your best, and try often, and you will succeed.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Celebrate Life by Developing Consciousness

I meant to write yesterday but, I did not seem to get a chance to. So it is funny, now, that it is my birthday and I am writing this.  Often people get caught up in presents and other material things when it comes to birthdays, when reality, it simply meant to celebrate that you or I, were gifted with the miracle of life.

To be alive is the greatest gift that anyone could have. I feel blessed to have lived for as long as I have and, to be continuing to live. Although, this world is not always warm and inviting, it is never boring and full of things to enjoy. We have great opportunity to develop ourselves as people and our souls.

Why some get to live and others don’t, is a question, I don’t think can ever be answered. Although, thinking about this question, does put things into perspective. Since, for whatever reason, we are the ones that are living, it must never be taken for granted.

This is usually the most difficult when we are going through rough patches and life doesn’t actually seem worth living. Or, when it is so good, that you may begin to abuse that gift (which is most common in young people). The important element, to make sure you are on even keel and do not swing one way or another, it to be conscious.

I haven’t talked a lot of consciousness and its importance in a fulfilling and meaningful life, but I think it is vital to include this aspect. Consciousness is defined in many different ways but, what I like to see it as is, an awareness. The awareness of our feelings, actions, others’ feelings, the energy around us, what our bodies feel, etc.

When you lose awareness or have lack of it, you may start to take life for granted and do life threatening activities, or self-destruct in some other way. Also, you may step on others as well and, lose friendships or, destroy the most important relationships you have.  Even global consciousness is hugely important as well, as so many wars and other harmful acts have been committed under unconscious mentality. Because, if we as a society and global community, can become more aware of our influence, things like hate crimes may be less committed.

But, it does first start with you. We all need to take responsibility for our own life, appreciate it and strive to be more conscious. In doing so, not only will your own life be better, as you will attract more positive things, but you will also be an inspiration to others and enrich their lives.

To begin developing a more advanced consciousness, the best way, is to work with your energy. And one of the best ways to work with your energy is through consciousness activities such as meditation. You may begin meditating to relieve stress or improve mental clarity, but guaranteed, you will begin to realize the other amazing benefits.

You may begin to appreciate life more and therefore take it less for granted. Or, you may begin to treat yourself and others better, creating more harmonious relationships. In the end, there truly is no downside to developing your consciousness.

The only thing, that I have struggled with from time to time, is having more awareness can actually create a bit of sadness or disappointment, as you see others acting unconsciously all the time. With this awareness, you will see their positive potential but then, to see them not realize that, is a sad affair. But as mentioned before, you can only concentrate on yourself. Eventually, your strength and spirit will have greater influence and, there is comfort in that. Also, as we are mirrors to each other, watching others act unconsciously, is a great reminder, of how important it is to stick with your own mental, emotional and spiritual development.

If meditating is something you find difficult to do (usually a lot of mind chatter). To start, it may best to do something physical while being in that state of consciousness such as; yoga, walking in nature, doing art work, making music, etc. As long as you are present, conscious, and in a positive state, that is all that matters.

Also, to ease into it as well, a great way is guided meditations as it narrows your focus, or having treatments such as Reiki. Reiki brings the positive spirit and consciousness and allows a safe space for you to relax and, be free of your worries. Not only does it do this, but it also allows healing to take place, as the practitioner will work on your energy, chakras, blocks, etc.

If you live in the Kitchener-Waterloo or Guelph area and would like to explore this type of treatment, please contact me at Also, I can do distance treatments as well if you are not in the area. You can check out more information about this on

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Conquering Fears: Easier Than You Think

Everyone is afraid of something. But, most of us have fears that not only don’t serve us but, are also trivial. I, personally am no stranger to fear. My whole life I have always been scared of almost everything! I am happy to say I have overcome many of these fears, but it can still be a struggle.

One of the setbacks that came from this is my habit of procrastination. Most of the things I have put off were things I was afraid of completing. Even things like writing this blog, I have put off because I was scared to voice my opinion or, what others might think, etc. There are many other setbacks to fears as well, but I am sure I don’t have to point all of them out to you.

This week I have done something that I had been meaning to do for months! And after I had done it, I thought, really? THAT’S what I was afraid of!? Lately, I have tried to choose at least one thing a day to do, that I feel anxiety or fear around.  And I have to say nothing makes you change and shift more as a person, than doing this.

You don’t have to start big, and take on your long standing phobia of heights; all you have to do is choose something small. For example, maybe you have been wanting to try a new restaurant but, have been scared because it might cost too much and may not be good, and therefore you might waste money. On the other hand, if you don’t try it, could miss out on discovering your new favourite place to eat. So is it worth the risk? Of course!

Just like another small fear you may have, to go out and do it, is always worth it. It is always worth it because not only will you have one less thing to be scared of (which is relieving) but also, even if it is a bad experience, you could learn something new.  And when you are able to learn and grow as a person, it is always worth it, no matter the outcome.

I think one of hardest things to get past, is not exactly the “mentality” around the fear but is the actual physical response. Like that gut clenching feeling, where you feel your temperature raise and heart rate go up. Some people thrive on this feeling, which I think is why they become “thrill junkies”. However, there are many of us in which this feeling causes debilitation, to the point where even some can’t leave the house.

I never want to down-play the effects of anxiety disorders but I feel they are also based in fear. As I have mentioned, I am no stranger to these feelings, at even an extreme level. But, I also feel there is much hope for those individuals and even those of us who have to deal with at a less extreme level.

The first step, as mentioned above really is to just push yourself to do something small at least once a day. It does get easier almost every day. Also, the second part to this, is dealing with the anxious feelings. These feelings are often manifested as a fight/flight response. 

Fight/flight is the state where our bodies have adapted over centuries to the outside elements, in order to protect ourselves. For instance, when we had to hunt our food and run from predators, this response came in very handy! And still today, some of us need this response for certain situations (such as walking down a dark alley and needing to protect yourself).

But, most of the time, it does cause more harm than good, because the things we are scared of, are trivial. So how do we deal with these feelings? Well, I found the best way is some breathing techniques I have learned through my energy therapy education and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

One of the first major issues EFT tackled was PTSD, which of course is definitely a fear/anxiety laden condition. It had amazing success and still does to this day with this disorder, as well as any feelings of anxiety/fear.  So, if you have not heard of EFT or not sure how to do it, contact me, and I provide you with a short, free introduction session (1/2 hour). 

Soon, this introduction session will be available on YouTube.  If you want to know when this will be posted, you can sign up to my e-newsletter on  Also, by signing up you will receive a free EFT Self-Esteem product that will also give you a step by step guide on how to use EFT and, with self-esteem issues, including a diagram for the tapping points.

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Monday, 3 November 2014

Make Yourself Feel Better and See Yourself a Part of the Bigger Picture

I have always had a craving to be fully happy 24/7.  Which, I believe we all innately have this desire. Yet, this is simply, just not possible. Although, I do believe from your core self, you can be internally happy 24/7, but you still will have days where there are downs. It truly is about how you deal with it.

I am so grateful, that my path has lead me to so many tools, to help me with my feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, guilt, etc. You may not think that anyone cares, but if you do a little research there are so many “helping” professionals out there ready to give you the tools you need.

Also, the human condition is ultimately about struggle and success. To learn, we need to make mistakes, struggle and fall down once in a while. Just take a child who always gets what they want, is always praised and never has any disappointments. What is this child? Well, normally spoiled. And what do spoiled children become? Spoiled and selfish adults. And usually, selfish and spoiled adults are the ones that are inflicting a lot of the pain!

On the outside, it may look like these people are happy but, often they never received gifts of internal happiness. They did not learn appreciate the small gifts life has to offer. Therefore, there is usually an “emptiness” they may not be able to explain. This can also then manifest into being un-empathetic, and again, contributed to the infliction of pain.

Although, these are just generalizations, I do feel there is a universal truth behind them. Also, my point is not insult those types of people, as I would actually not want to be in their shoes, but, it is just an unfortunate reality.

Also, the bigger point here, is that no matter what our upbringing or background, there will always be some level of pain or struggle we need to overcome/learn from. This is why I also believe so many people look to spirituality. To me, spirituality is not just about following a set of rules or belief constructs, it is about connecting a higher part of yourself and connect to that knowing, that you are truly part of something bigger.

The universe is full of millions of stars, planets, and galaxies and we have not even touched to understand its force and infinite possibilities. Also, the planet itself is full of hundreds and thousands of different species of plants and animals. Some are even changing or being discovered all the time. 
And we are only of these animals. We are a life force on this planet, and we have a huge impact on the earth to each other and all other forms. Our physical substances also contains the same attributes and contents as these amazing things in the universe and on our planet.  The universe is energy, cells and molecules all vibrating and connecting.

This truly fascinates and reminds me of how small and BIG, we really are. Sometimes, with this realization, a sense of responsibility can come over me, like I need to do more and be more. But in reality, as long as we have good intentions and following our true nature and are doing our best that is all we ever need to do. That alone has a huge impact.

So, next time you feel down, or having a bit of crisis, remember, you are not the only one, and you are a part of and, connected to the universe. And be gentle with yourself, as you are only human. Also, remember that there are so many people out there standing by to help you out. And I am included in this. For a free gift (The Self-Esteem Worksheet), sign up to my e-newsletter on You can also find another self-help product on the “Our Service/Product Page” if you would like to give energy work a try. Again, I cannot tell you enough how these tools have changed my life and even at times saved it.

From the bottom of my heart, whether you take advantage of these tools or not, contact me for treatments are not, I want to say, I understand,  I wish you the best and you will be OK.

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Choosing the Sunny Side to Get More Sun

Although life may not be always be full of rainbows and butterflies, we all have a choice to at least make it closer to that image, than we think. Even when we are in the darkest times, there truly can be a silver lining.

It may not be easy but, you can make a choice to see something good. And the more you can make this choice, the easier it will become. For example, you may lose a job, but then this may open a door for a better job, or give you time to spend with loved ones, or time to finally write that book you wanted to write.

Even when a loved one is terminally ill (or equally bad), there is still a way to make the experience more positive. For instance, you can see it as a chance to get to know that person even better or, tell them your true feelings about them, and see the sense of peace they can have from this.

Whether we like it or not, “bad” things can and do happen because there is something to be learned, something to take away that can enhance your character or quality of life. But, we have to make a conscious choice to do so. If we let ourselves drown in the negativity, the same bad things will keep happening.

Life is not just a series of random events to torture us. Life is supposed to be about living: living our greatest potential and trying to experience the best things this world has to offer. And the only way to truly do this, is to try and take away the positive things from an experience and, learn from it.

In the moment, just allow yourself to stop, breathe and consciously decide to think, “What is positive here?”, “What can I laugh about in this moment?” or, “What opportunities or joy can I take from this?” Not; “Why does the world hate me? “, “Life sucks.” or, “That person is so awful.”

Every moment, you have an opportunity to either make your life better, or worse. Next time something upsets you, acknowledge the emotion is there (because denying could actually make it worse), and say, “Thank you for showing up. I appreciate the feedback but I am going to let you go now and, choose something positive.”

To say this mentally is important because in true reality, choosing fear, worry, anxiety, anger, etc. really gets you nowhere. It can only make the situation worse. So, yes, we are all human and have emotions and they are not bad but, they do need to be dealt with in the right manner. Just like physical pains in your body, emotions are also a signal that something is wrong within you (not outside of yourself). And the best way to heal these emotions is allow them to be let go and be transformed into their opposite.

When doing energy work, this is what I and the client are constantly doing, either taking the negative emotions, letting them go and then introducing newer, more positive ones, or in treatments like Reiki, the client allows for me to simply take the energy of those emotions, pain or negative “stuff”, and have it be released and/or transformed. Then, again, more positive loving and light energy is put back in.

Even in nature, this is done all the time. Yes, there are natural disasters but what happens say after a forest fire? The land is then replenished and grows again, and the fire itself was even nature’s way of helping new growth.  Check out this blog to see how the forest does this and incredible facts:

Nature makes a choice to keep surviving and thriving and that is just what we need to do.  We are a part of nature, and therefore need to start taking lessons from it. And the first lesson should be: to take what is “bad”, learn from it and, use to our advantage, to not only thrive but, also be happier and enjoy life more fully.

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Can’t Shake off Those Negative Feelings? Maybe They Aren’t Yours! PART 2

Welcome back! Now that I have tapped on, and let go of what was not mine, I want to get down to the different tools that can help release that negative “stuff” I discussed.

One simple tool is to “cut the cords”, especially when they are bad. To do this, all you need to do is imagine you cutting it with scissors, a sword or even burning it, until it dissolves. This is especially needed for the negative ones.

Although, with loved ones you may not want to cut the cord. In this case, you simply ask the energy to return to its sender with love and consciousness attached. To learn more about these exercises, check out the Love or Above program, that it is from. It can be found by clicking here:  This is also a great resource to learn about the vibrations of your energy and how they can help/effect you.

Another way to rid of the “stuff” you may have picked up, is a simple clearing technique such as smudging. Smudging has been used my many Native cultures for centuries. The medicine I typically use is sage, as this is, what I was taught with and, is most common, due its recognizable benefits.  Its purpose is to clear your energy field and/or space of anything negative that is lingering.  It seems silly to think just burning a plant and wafting its smoke around could do anything. But once you have done it, and you get in touch with the energy around you, you will instantly feel the relief and the better “vibe” of the space. For more information on smudging, please click here:

The next technique I will discuss can be used from the very beginning but, personally I like to do ALL of them for maximum benefits, especially if you are feeling really low. If you just need a bit of a boost or “pick me up”, you can use just one or two of the methods. For more serious cases, EFT is almost a MUST. Emotional Freedom Technique is called what is called for obvious reasons. It allows your feelings to be gone and yourself to be free, to feel better. Although, it is most known to work on your own feelings it can also be used for other feelings, if you get a hint they are not yours.

For instance, what I said during my self- tapping session to begin, while tapping on the karate chop point was, “Even though I feel sad, umotivated, tired, and lazy today and right now, and I don’t know why, I still deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.”  (Note: you can substitute the underlined parts with your own feelings of course). As always, this was repeated 3 times, and then I proceeded with the other points and, short forms such as “feeling sad”, etc. Eventually, the feelings left and I figured out the why. Which was of course, that the feelings were not mine to begin with!

What is awesome about doing EFT with these type of feelings is, you only need to do a couple of rounds because, the feelings are not tied to your own personal issues- it is simply energy floating in your field, that is not yours. If the feelings are yours, you will know right away because your why will show up and, you may begin remembering that time you were punished for something you didn’t do, or realize today was exactly one year ago, when you lost a loved one, etc.  Either way, EFT should take care of it. Just allow it to flow and trust your intuition on what to say, and of course, be completely honest with how you are feeling.

If you are not familiar with the steps with EFT. You can sign up to our newsletter on and I will send you a free copy of the Self-Esteem Worksheet. This explains the basic steps, includes a diagram AND shows you how to use it for your self-esteem issues. This is especially important to us “sensitive” people, as often low self-esteem goes along with this struggle (in my experience).

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Can’t Shake off Those Negative Feelings? Maybe They Aren’t Yours! PART 1

Have you ever had a day where you feel sad, angry, or otherwise, and don’t know why? You may even begin to make up reasons why, and start drama where it doesn’t belong! Well, I am here to tell you that is ok, and for us more sensitive types, pretty normal.

I started today feeling sad and have been trying to shake it off all day because I really have no valid reason to feel this way. But just trying to forget about it and ignore it, only made it worse (which is true for any emotion, by the way).  I then remembered what all my education in energy taught me: is that everything is energy and we are connected (especially to our loved ones).  With our loved ones we even have an energy cord that is very strong. This is why when one of those people leave our life, it physically hurts from the emotional pain. We feel a void, or like someone chopped off one of our limbs.

Unfortunately these cords can also be negative ones tied to our enemies, or people, you have had past fights with, etc. Or, they may even be people that you never met, but they seemed to develop a hatred for you. This hurts them, as much as it hurts you, by the way, they just don’t know it.

Because we are all energy and connected, we often “pick-up” unconsciously other people’s baggage, emotions, thoughts, etc. This can even happen when you don’t speak to someone. This is because your energies are still communicating. For instance, if you walk into a room full of addicts and you are not one, most likely you will feel instantly “gross” because of all the heavy stuff they carry. On the other hand, people often go to church because of the “feel-good” and loving energy of the well-intentioned people there. This is just a generalization of course, but you get the idea!

Don’t get me wrong- people don’t mean to do this (well, not very many) but ALL of us do ALL the time, without realizing it. Those of us that are more sensitive to these negative energies, will either try to avoid at all costs, unconsciously take it in so they can release it for that person, or try to stay reserved so that don’t “dump” on anyone else. Many us will bite our tongue, do more listening than talking, etc. because we know how it feels to be dumped on. So we try at all costs to not stir conflict, etc. But, the issue with this is, is that our energy still gets seeped out. People still end up responding negatively because they feel our judgement, opposing opinion, sadness, etc.

From the time I can remember, I have been an extremely sensitive person- to the point I was also very shy because of it. Which is probably why I ended up in the energy world of practice but, either way, I am grateful, because it also gives me a more tuned ability to pick up on others. I am still working on the discerning part, which leads me to my point today.

Even I, who worked with energy tools all the time forgot my sadness might not have been mine! Then it clicked, and I was like DUH! Of course I feel this way. Someone close to me lost their close friend (who I didn’t really know) and I just found out today. Because I love this person, I unconsciously, instantly took on their pain for them. This is something I had been doing all my life. 

Even though, yes, there were valid events in my own life, in the past, to have me feel depressed, it was not as often or as intense, as it should have been. This was because I also ended up taking on others’ harsh feelings as well.

I understand now that this is not my job. It is not my job to take care of them in this way because, what good am I, if I am depressed, drained, and upset as well? You can’t be fully supportive for someone if you too, need just as much support. Also, if you do take on others energies, it will only lead to sickness.
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