Wednesday, 9 April 2014

No Excuses: You Can Live a Healthier Life Now

In the last few weeks, it occurred to me that I have access to so much knowledge and, tools that can assist in my healing. Because I do have so much available to me, I could not make any excuses for not being healthy.  Therefore, once I had this clarity, I dove right into finally using my tools, whole heartedly.

Before sharing some of these tools with you, let’s look at why healing is so important. Often people think healing is for “sick” people or people who are depressed or ones that have “major issues”. It is sad to think we judge so harshly, the ones that are willing to seek help. When, in realty, looking at the dysfunction of the world, we ALL need a little help and, have the potential to be better people and live happier lives.

So many of us, mask our issues and hide behind a fa├žade, when the truth is that the people we are interacting with, are also in pain.  It is the human condition that all of us face, and we are constantly tested throughout life. 

Have you ever tossed a relationship, to find yourself right back into a very similar relationship, soon afterwards? Well, I believe this type of occurrence, happens because, one has unresolved feelings/issues that need to be healed, in order to move on to something better. This is one of many reasons why healing is so important. If we do not resolve our issues, they will not only keep showing up, to remind us they are there but, also they may create a “dark cloud” of negative energy so big, we do end up depressed, with a major illness or another shocker that tries to wake us up, from our bed of denial.

So how do we lessen these “tests” that wreak havoc on our lives? Well, simple, nib them in the bud and – HEAL as soon as possible. Although, it sounds very scary, as throughout the process, we may need to face our demons, the benefits far outweigh the tribulations to get there.  Also, when we get there and, during the journey of becoming healed, you not only will improve your own health, and well-being but also, you will contribute to this world in a large and beautiful way, just by giving yourself some love.  It is true that, to best love others, we need to love and take care of ourselves, because let’s face it, you would not being doing anyone good, being bed-ridden, miserable, angry, depressed, in pain, etc.

Although it is possible to try and do it alone, it is not nearly as effective or speedy, as it is when we seek help. Therefore, my offer will make it very easy to get you started. This article, is a dose of some “tough love” and, I only have your best interests at heart.  Which is why I am offering a free 30 minute consultation, to review and discuss your goals and, receive a quick sample session of your choice. Also, I am offering 2 amazing free gifts that, you can enjoy on your own.

To take advantage of this offer, please e-mail me at or call at 519-721-6323. Keep in mind that the consultations can be done over the phone, Skype or in-person.  Remember, there is no obligation to continue but, I can’t promise you will not get addicted to the feeling of relief and, feeling better overall!

Also, even if you are not interested in the services I offer through Peace Alive (; I encourage you to still take a leap in faith and, start your healing journey where it feels right. Whether that be at the gym, doctor’s office, with a life coach, or even reading self-help books- it is the intention that counts. It takes courage to make this step and readiness to conquer but, I believe everyone has the potential and greatness within them.  So, love yourself a little more today and, take a step in your right direction.

Until next time; peace, love, light and JOY!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Living with More Joy- Even in the Harder Times

Recently I have gone through a bit of a mental shift that has allowed me to find more joy in my life. And, I am excited to share it with you, so that you also can live a happier life! It started with me researching ways on how I can create more financial abundance and shift my career to a more satisfying place.

This mental shift I believe occurred when I was watching a video of the Founder and CEO of Mind Valley speaking during the Awesomeness event (that I highly recommend, especially if you are an entrepreneur). You can click here to watch:

During the viewing of this video something clicked and I realized that I was stuck for one major reason. This reason was that I was focused on “when___ happens then I will be happy” instead of being happy in the NOW. Although, I have read the “Power of Now” by: Eckhart Tolle, practiced gratitude and knew its importance, especially when it came to attracting more positive things into my life, I still did not think to use this gratitude, to create happiness, in the everyday moments of life.  

Of course, when I did think of or write down the things I was grateful for, it did give me a sense of joy, but it only seemed to be in the moment and it did not seep into the rest of my day or week.  I knew I had to change this and close this “gap” in order to be happy now. Which, then in result, would hopefully speed up the accomplishment of my goals and create more abundance.  Although, I was still unsure about how to do this.

A couple of days later I decided to go through all of my self-help downloads and documents since I was feeling a thirst for inspiration and clarity. While doing so, I found a very old document that was short and sweet. It simply was an exercise that could attract more money. In essence, the technique gets you to find out how you view money in the current moment of your life. And not so surprisingly, the energy of money represented joy for me.

So then, I automatically thought back to the video and everything came full circle.  If the energy of money was joy and I was not allowing myself to feel joy, then no wonder financial abundance was not being attracted to me!  

As some of you will know, in the Law of Attraction, like attracts like, and therefore, one of the practices is to concentrate on the positive things and then more positive things are supposed to come to you.  So I was concentrating on the positive things but I wasn’t taking the time to fully enjoy the positive things in action.

Then, I really got thinking on things in my life that I was truly grateful for and brought me joy. Of course, I then made a list of these things and have begun to take conscious action in doing these activities. Very quickly, I became happier. Even the regular stressors are still annoying in the moment, and yes, some of these things need to change but I am not allowing myself to get trapped by them.

Although, I have not yet reached the goals I have set out to accomplish or have reached my financial abundance level that I would prefer- I still feel a great confidence that I have not felt before. I feel that I am well on my way and will get there in good time!  Best of all, I am truly enjoying the journey of my life and not just constantly waiting for something “better” to occur.

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Until next time; peace, love, light and JOY!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Stay True

It is often said that we should be ourselves but how do we know if we are being ourselves and…who are we anyways?  Well, although I completely agree that we need to be true to who we are and not make decisions only based on how others want you to be – it is easier said than done!

I know this first-hand, as I personally felt so different from others growing up and still do! Although, it was difficult, I never gave up in trying to be myself the best I could. I would rather be quiet or stay away from others than have to be fake. Which, then in turn, people came to know me as a quieter person- which is partly who I am but it is definitely not the whole story!

So why be yourself? Well, one thing that may motivate you, is if you are not, it eventually comes out one way or another and bites you in the butt! For instance, if you are hiding a part of yourself that is important, and someone you care about finds out, it could hurt them and they might even feel betrayed (even if you think you were doing them a favour).   An even more important reason is that you are betraying yourself. If you are not yourself, then, you will do a lot things that you do not want to, which only leads to resentment, regrets and not to mention never feeling fulfilled or satisfied.

The best place to start is finding out who you are first because if you don’t know it, how can you be it?! If you are not sure where to begin, here are some tips:

1)      List all the things and people you love/are passionate about

2)      List some words others have used to describe you and if you can’t remember, ask your loved ones for some (and be sure to warn them to be honest but kind!) * Also, note they may be wrong- and what they have observed is just an interpretation of them trying to understand you or themselves but in this exercise you are trying to understand you as well

3)      What are some things you most struggle with? (For example; travel, moving, public speaking, etc.) These may be your challenges/fears and part of your shadow which is equally important in getting in touch with because this is where positive change can happen!

4)      What are your boundaries with people? Do you have strict requirements for your friends? Or are you more lenient and fully let them be who they are without consequences?  The purpose of this question is to help you understand how you have been interacting in the world and where you may want to make some changes and/or become aware of some patterns you developed in your personality.

5)      Be still. Be quiet and go to your favourite place by yourself. Whether that is in the middle of the forest or downtown in a big city. The more time you spend with yourself and quiet your mind – the more you will learn about your true essence and what you have to offer and share with others.

Now, that you have some starting points in discovering who you are, the next step is leap forward and just BE in any situation. Let your guards down, be honest, be respectful and kind and allow things to flow naturally. Laugh when you feel something is funny, cry when you are sad, and speak your mind when you feel something should be said. 

I am giving free reign because unless you are in a very dark place where you could hurt others, or have certain mental or emotional limitations, your true self- whoever that may be will be, will only be a gift to others and nothing less.  As Buddhists will agree, we have the potential to have Buddha-nature which means your true essence to the very core is a loving bright light- the same matter and life force that the universe is made from and lives from.

For more assistance in discovering who you are through energy therapy, contact us at Here I will also send you 2 free gifts! One for an introduction to energy healing and the other for self-esteem issues. Or you can also sign up to our newsletter at for this as well!

Until next time; peace, love and light.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What Should I do?

Ever been in a place where there are important decisions that need to be made but for some reason, they just aren’t being made? Well, between work, looking for better work, planning a wedding, family commitments, personal goals, and working on my business- the decisions to be made are overwhelming.

In the first place it has always been difficult for me to be a decisive person- I always felt that I might make a mistake and regret it. I hate feeling regret because unfortunately you really can’t go back in time and therefore once you do something- you do it- it is there and you can’t control or change it. Although this is true, it is also true that we CAN learn and make a better choice next time and therefore we do have the power to change the future.

Some days are better than others, in that I am able to just follow my gut and make a decision. However, sometimes it is not even the decision itself but choosing what I should mark off my to-do list that day. “Should” is a word that is found too often in my own and other’s vocabulary. Such as “I should clean the house” or “ I should pay that bill today”. Although some of the “shoulds” we have in our life do have important consequences still many of them – in reality- are minimal.
So why do we pressure ourselves to have everything done in a certain time and then when these “made-up” deadlines pass a cycle of guilt and regret come into play? Well, this could be for various reasons, depending on each person but one thing that is important to recognise is that this cycle then leads to having lower self-esteem. This in turn diminishes our energy and therefore our motivation to get things done. Then more and more things seem to pile up and not get done, which starts the cycle again. In the psychology realm- many would call this the “self- fulfilling prophecy”.

Don’t be surprised if your mind is spinning with questions right now such as; “how do you know which thing is more important?” and “how do I stop this cycle from happening?” and “does this mean I have to get everything done and always ‘on time’ so I can avoid beating myself up?”

Well, before I address any or all of these questions- take a deep breath- no matter where you are. Take a few more if it helps to relax you. If you still feel anxious/overwhelmed complete the following exercise:

1)    After taking a few deep breaths, find your “sore spot” which is located just below the collarbone (left or right)

2)      Rub this area in a small circular motion going in clockwise circles.

3)      Take another deep breathe

4)      Say 3 times: “I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself with all of my problems and limitations”
The “limitations” part is especially important for getting out of the “should-cycle” because no matter how hard we try or what the circumstances are we will always have some form of limitation- even it is simply the fact that we cannot change another person. We may be able to influence them but you can never fully change someone (especially if you are trying to!).

We can only do so much and then at some point we have trust- trust our higher self, trust the universe or God, or even trust another person. We are not meant to make all of our decisions on our own- everyone needs guidance of some form.
Even if we are not sure we are making the right decision, we have to at least feel it is right in the moment. Going to a quiet place without having to write down every pro and con may just be the answer in finding your answer. Or what about not thinking at all for once? Let your instincts fully guide you- do what you “feel” like doing. Of course there has to be some caution with this since you can’t really decide to go drinking with some friends after work and not pick up your children at school.  The point is that you do what is right in the moment for you and supports your life in some positive way.

Before concluding I would like to touch base on the self-esteem aspect of the cycle as it is an important one. We cannot mend our self-esteem overnight but we can take small steps on improving it. Two of the things mentioned above will support this. The relaxing exercise is definitely one of them and following your own guidance and trusting it is another. This can be challenging- especially at first but with practice- you will be able to trust yourself more and more and with that comes higher self-esteem and confidence.
For further support or information feel free to contact me at Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter for a free gift! Also, if sign up in the next week and leave a comment below letting me know what you think I will also send you an extra free gift that will specifically support your self-esteem.

Until next time; peace, love and light.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spring: Changes Brewing

Ever have that feeling of something needs to give? That something is just not sitting well in your heart and gut? Well, I have and now has brought about this feeling again. Even though it does not look like spring, I can still feel it in my bones- the time for growth, transformation, new experiences and yes- changes.
When this happens and you are starting to take steps toward these changes it can be exciting and inspiring. Yet, it can also be terrifying as well, as you do not know what hurdles you will have to overcome to get there, what it will mean for you and the important people in your life. 
What is essential is that you push through that fear and see the other side, because the other side is for the better. Whether that be a new job, a new commitment or relationship, a new member of the family- all is important for what we are here for- to learn, grow and make the changes necessary to live a better life and in turn have a positive influence on the world at large.
Probably after reading the above you may even be more terrified, as you may not have realized before that no matter who you are, you have a responsibility to yourself and others to live a better life and the only way to make that happen is to embrace the changes.
So how can we face the fear and take the steps necessary to have the changes occur? Well, first we need to deal with these fears head on by healing our own issues and blockages because without doing so we will not find the courage and strength to make these changes happen and we won’t be able to deal with them if they are bestowed upon us.
If the changes don’t happen because we did not take the necessary action for it to happen, then we can become depressed, as we beat ourselves up for not living up to our own expectations, dreams and others’ as well.  Also, if something happens where something changes and you are not prepared- instead of taking it head on, looking for the positive and making the best of it (as I discussed in earlier blogs), then again, we can become depressed, as we would feel drained and overwhelmed or even angry that it occurred.
In order to heal our own issues so we can live to our full potential and have a positive influence, the first step is to take an inventory for yourself. This inventory would consist of how you feel, what emotions are going when certain things occur, your common thoughts, belief systems, etc. By doing this you can see what things may be holding you back.  Sometimes this new awareness can give you great shifts but often they need more of a push. The most effective, in my experience, is going deeper through energy therapy.
To get started in having energy work for you, on your own, is to after taking your personal inventory, take at least 5-10 minutes a day to meditate in any way you wish. There is not really a wrong or right way to meditate but if you are new to this, then I would advise to be in a quiet place, breathe deeply and be able to look at something inspiring- whether that be a lake or even a beautiful glimmer of a candle.  This will help get you started in becoming connected to your energy and being connected to the ultimate energy- a pure, loving, and bright source.
There are other modalities out there that do work for personal growth, but nothing I have seen work faster to clear the negative from your subconscious, energy field and life than energy therapies such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Reiki.  To view more information about these modalities that I offer, please visit  Discover how it can help you embrace the changes and live up to your full potential.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Always a Choice

As an extension of my last blog, “Making the Best of It”; I will be discussing a very crucial point in helping you to get a place where you are making the best out of every situation.

One of my favourite movies is “Dangerous Minds” which is about a teacher who inspires the teenagers she is teaching despite their lives being surrounded by negativity such as drugs, gangs, poverty and violence. The quote that has always most inspired me was when she told them, “There are no victims in this classroom.” Before she states this she is speaking with the students and trying to convince them that they have a choice to “get on that bus.”  To view the scene, click on the following link, Or, better yet- watch the entire movie!

I believe the real point she is trying to make here, is that people always fall victim to their own lives by focusing on the negative and giving up hope. Even though it takes a lot of courage to make the “right” choice – it is very rewarding in the end. And unfortunately in order to get to this rewarding place we have to make these difficult choices.
Some people may disagree with me on what I think she is trying to stay in this scene but it is something that has stuck with me for years.  Don’t get me wrong, having this philosophy and implementing it into your life is very different and can be a challenge.  But once making this most important decision, you are choosing to be empowered. And from an empowered state you can transform your life immensely. For instance, if one of those students choose to “get on that bus” by working hard in school, getting good grades, then getting a scholarship to a college, then attending that college, then choosing to find a career that will fulfill them- they would then be able to live in a safe neighbourhood, support a family, travel or whatever their heart desires.  Sounds easy, right? Well, of course it is much easier said than done but as I stated before it would be worth it.
Sometimes when we are facing a challenge or multiple challenges our judgement can be clouded and we end up making the “wrong” choice or the one that is not best for us. One of the first steps in getting your mind and spirit into this clear place is practicing activities that will allow healing to take place. Once the gunk is removed from your psyche and energy field- the right choice will be clear as day.
To start this process and help clear away the clouds, contact me today at  Once the right choices are clear, I will then help you step forward in making those choices which will lead to living your life on the “bright side” instead of in the dark.
Until next time; peace, love and light.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Making the Best of It

Life seems to always throw some hard balls our way but it is how we receive them is what really makes the difference.   No matter what the situation is, you can always make the best of it. Even if you have to wait until the situation is over to make the “best of it”, then so it is.

Even during the harder times- for instance, being abused in some way, we can at least take a lesson away from it. You may have to dig really deep but trust me- it’s there. For example; maybe you have to change your ways so you teach people how to treat you better by sticking up for yourself. That way people will be less likely to attack you. This might seem extremely difficult to do but keep in mind, that no matter what the situation is, it will be much worse in the future if you only take the negative. 
By only focusing on the negative and letting the negative take over you, it creates a large darkness of energy and if only darkness is in your energy, it will more difficult for the light energy to find you or be created out of it.  By making the best of it and trying to find something positive out of a situation, you are encouraging the light to be created and be more attracted to you and your energy field.  In times when it is difficult to find something positive just go to something very basic to be thankful for like the fact you are still alive. Even just focusing on this and allowing the gratitude to grow you will be able to open your heart to a loving energy which will encompass you instead.  Doing a short meditation by visioning what this positive energy would look like and visioning it in detail (colour, texture, and temperature) will increase this positive impact even more so to a great degree.  Check out the clearing exercise in my last blog to help you do this.

Some other ways that would help you make the best of it in bad situations would be to ask yourself the following and then appreciate the answer; could it be worse?, what can I learn from this?, what parts are humorous?, and am I still alive?  The first question is put things in perspective like if your situation is not being a starving child in a war-ridden country with no parents (or something equally or much worse) then the answer should always be YES, it could be worse.  The second question is to get you to reflect on how you can make it better next time or choose to not have a next time.  The third question is to also change your perspective and learn to laugh at yourself or understand how ridiculous people can be and not take offense.  The fourth question is usually for the extra difficult situation as I discussed earlier to help you reach for something that you can be grateful for. 
If you are asking your-self these questions and doing the clearing exercise and STILL not able to feel better or get to a more positive place than I encourage with love to seek help.  Contact me at to help you in this journey to get your life full of positive experiences or at the very least get your mind and energy in a positive and good place. 

Until next time; peace, love and light.