Friday, 3 April 2015

Dispel the Blues through These Easy Techniques

When things in life take a bad turn, it is easy to plummet into a dark hole. Many of us can even get stuck here for days.  Many times in my life I have felt this way and, even allowed these dark feelings to stick around longer than they should have.

Before proceeding, please keep in mind, although the tips and information I am about to share can help with depression, if it is a serious case, I urge you to seek professional help with a counsellor, doctor, etc. These techniques are used for those of us that may be heading in that direction but, are normally in “healthy” spirits. Whatever your degree of sadness or hopelessness is, I would still encourage you to try these methods, but no guarantee is granted.

Currently, being pregnant, as many of you may know, a host of emotions have been intensified due to hormones and other related stress factors.  Although it is normal to feel some of these unpleasant emotions, I am trying my best to be accepting and loving of my state, and then, implement the techniques I know, to help get through the “bad” days.

Before this time, I was not overly motivated to keep these emotions in check, as everyone does have a “bad” day once and awhile and, can or do, fall into “self-pity”. However, if you are pregnant or simply going through a difficult stage in your life, you will know the emotions can be too intense and, occur too often, to simply ignore.

I believe one of the best gifts my pregnancy has given me, so far (besides the life growing inside of me), is the push to find the best ways possible to deal with hard emotions. I am hoping the following tips will be useful to those of you that are having more than a “bad day”, and want to seriously feel better. And, perhaps, maybe not necessarily on a constant basis, but at least you will be able to deal with the emotions as they come in a healthy way and, feel better quicker, than you may have been able to before.

Here are some of the methods I have been using:

1)  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): This has been the main method, as it gets to the core of the emotion/issue. For a demonstration, please see the last blog post. You can use this same method, except, instead of working with exact beliefs, you can simply focus on the emotions. The rating would be based on how intense you felt the emotion. For example, you may feel so sad to the point of crying- you can rate this at a 9 or 10. Or, if you are feeling just a bit sad, but enough to cause you distress, maybe it is at 5 or 6.  Follow the same tapping sequence, and check in to write down your level from 1-10 after a few rounds, each time. The goal, as always, is to get to a 0. But, especially for a first –time tapping, be sure to have it at least below a 5, so it feels manageable.

2)   Talk to someone you trust, that loves you and, is kind and supportive. Sometimes, just being able to cry on someone’s shoulders for a moment or, to have a good hug can help a lot. If you can’t think of anyone, reach out to a support group that may be experiencing similar feelings. You may be surprised that just a few minutes of letting go, can really help.

3)  Journal your feelings! In the past, when I was not aware of great techniques like EFT, I felt journaling saved my life. It is almost as good as someone truly listening. Because, I believe someone always is and, wants to support you in love (Spirit, etc.).

4)  Never underestimate the benefits of a spiritual practice such as meditation. Or, this can even be, walking in nature, dancing, or other activities that allow you to be present and truly connect with something greater than yourself.

5)   Do something you love, that can put you in a better mood instantly. Sometimes, there is a lot of resistance to these activities, but if you practice at least one of the above tasks first, this will come a lot easier. Some examples are; watching funny videos or your favourite comedian/comedy show, dancing, listening/singing to your favourite positive music, listening/watching a motivational speaker, working out, hiking, cooking, playing with an animal, etc. As long as the activity doesn’t involve a substance/addiction, not hurting you or others, then it is approved.

6)  Clean up. Even if it is the last thing you want to do- having a clean and organized space can quickly shift the energy in your environment and, yourself. Also, clean up energetically, (if you are familiar with this) through smudging, incense, lighting a candle, or another method. Sometimes just opening a window for fresh air can help cleanse the space.

7)   Physically take care of yourself, such as; eating a balanced diet, exercise, getting a good night’s sleep, etc. I also try my best to do these things, as I believe they are the foundation for not only your physical well-being but also your mental, emotional and even spiritual health.

For further assistance, please contact me at Although, I mainly service the Waterloo Region in Ontario, especially with EFT, Skype sessions are very possible and just as effective. For more information on the services I provide, please visit: Also, check out my new site, if you are interested in Reiki specifically. Or, for more inspiration, advice, special gifts and promotions, you can follow me on Twitter @peacealive1. Or, feel free to also like us on Facebook:

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Monday, 16 March 2015

What Beliefs Are Holding You Back? The First Step to Changing Your Life for the Better: Part 2

Welcome back! If you haven’t read Part 1, please go back and do so, as it is important to understand before we go through the below concepts and steps.

Although, there are many ways you can raise your vibration such as; meditation, affirmations, yoga, being in nature on a regular basis, volunteering, listening to positive music, etc. Unfortunately this can be a longer process and is only half the battle.

The more important or more effective action to take in addition to or, before these other great habits, is to be able to let go of limiting beliefs and heal any wounds lingering in your mind, body and spirit. Once you are able to do so, implementing more positive actions in to your life to get your vibration up will feel 100 times easier!

Ok, so what simple tool have I started using to do this? EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Here is a sample exercise you can get started on: **Don’t forget, if you need a diagram for the points, or further instructions, feel free to e-mail me at You can also sign up to the e-newsletter, in which more detailed instructions and diagram will be included in your free gift you will receive called, “EFT Self-Esteem Worksheet”. **

1)  Write down some limiting beliefs around your most pressing issue (ie. money, relationships, etc.) If you don’t know an exact phrase, just start writing some of your negative feelings about it and it should come up easily. Then, once you have a phrase in mind- write it down and rate it from 1-10 on how much you believe it. 10 being you don’t think anyone could ever change your mind about it and 0 being that you don’t believe it all. 

2)   Next, tap on the karate chop point (on the side of your hand, below the pinky) while saying your belief with the set-up statement. For example, “Even though I have this belief that money is evil, I still deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.” Feel free to really get detailed about this belief such as your “proof” on why you believe, who told it to you, your feelings around it, etc. Repeat the statement 3 times. 

3)  Then go to each point, starting with beside the brow, and say a shorter version of your description of the belief, such as: “this belief about money” or “money is evil.” Tap each point about or, at least 7 times. 

4)   Do at least 3 rounds, going to each point. Then, check in, and write down your level from 1-10, on how much you still believe this. 

5)  Keep repeating the process, as necessary, as the initial goal is to get down below a 5, so a new, more positive belief can start to be implemented. But, ideally it would be best to go all the way down to a 0.

When doing this process, it often is humorous, as your repeat the belief and are tapping, you begin to not believe it. Eventually, your mind starts going, “This is silly- I can’t believe I believed this for so long.” Then, as it gets below a 5, you will start to naturally have more positive thoughts, you can then later implement as new beliefs. 

6)   If you find you are able to get the belief below a 5 and you naturally start to have more positive thoughts, write down these thoughts and come up with a positive “replacing belief”. This is important because it will help you steer clear of your previous “conditioning”. To reinforce this even more, I would encourage you to say your new positive belief and/or phrases while going through and tapping on the points. This will help “lock” it in to your energy system, and get those vibrations up!

If you have any trouble going through this exercise, for instance, you can’t seem to budge on your level from 1-10, or can’t get it below a 5, usually this means there is a resistance and/or a fear-based blockage. Usually, I wouldn’t recommend trying to resolve that on your own.

For further assistance, please contact me at Although, I mainly service the Waterloo Region in Ontario, especially with EFT Skype sessions are very possible and just as effective. For more information on the services I provide, please visit: You can also view the products I have to purchase at:

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

What Beliefs Are Holding You Back? The First Step to Changing Your Life for the Better: Part 1

Often I talk to my clients about limiting beliefs. I am sure many people have heard of limiting beliefs but are not sure exactly what they were, and how they show up in their own lives. Well, I am going to educate you a little bit on what these are. And, a simple way to transform them, so you can live a happier life.

First, before I discuss beliefs, there has to be an understanding that whether you believe it or not, you are responsible for your life and are in control of the outcome. For example, have you ever noticed, that a group of friends will have similar attitudes, likes and even have similar results in life?

Well, let me back up even further for a moment, and re-iterate that all things in the universe, including people, are made of energy and have a certain vibration to them. This is a simple scientific fact. Many of us learned this in school, without even realizing it.

Now, back to the friends. Well, don’t we ultimately have a choice in who is our friend and who is not? Ok, so why are we choosing certain people with certain “vibrations”. Often, it is because we are vibrating at the same level (like attracts like) and therefore, are drawn to these people, and them to us. Something my mother always told me is that people show up in your life to act as mirrors to our own faults, etc. so we can learn. Although, I totally agree with my mother, there is one thing she left out. That is, if we only learn psychologically from our relationships, but don’t learn to change, we will still be attracting the same type of people.

Until we learn to change our attitudes, beliefs and ultimately our vibrations, we will have the same outcome. It is not enough to just be “aware” that your friends have some similar negative beliefs, and then possibly try to cut them out of your life, and think that will change anything. YOU have to put some work in, take responsibility and take the necessary actions to change. Change your mindset by healing your wounds and change your vibration.

By doing so, it will not only change the type of people you attract in your life but it can also turn around your finances for the better, enrich your career, and much, much, more!
So, how do we get there? Well, I am not going to lie- it is a process but, with dedication you can get there simply and fairly easily. Until, recently, I didn’t realize how easy it could really be. But I started using the tools I already had, and I feel 10 times better than I did, even just a week ago!

OK, so now that we learned how important it is to change/raise our vibration, what do beliefs have to do with it? Well, beliefs are a HUGE part of our mindset and, are often ingrained in who we are (and show up in the world) and therefore, of course, our vibration. We attach a lot of our identity to these beliefs. For instance, how many people identify themselves with a certain group of beliefs, such as religion? Well, A LOT.

I am not saying it is good or bad but, what I am saying is that limiting beliefs, are just that, limiting! Usually, they are negative and stop us from living a better life. For example, if you believe that money is the root of all evil (which many of us have heard), then that will be ingrained in your energy/vibration as well, and, therefore, you will find it very hard to attract more money- even when you need it to survive!

Now, you may be able to see how changing these beliefs can be important, but next time, I will show you directly, through a powerful exercise. In a couple days, I will go into more detail and give you a step-by-step guide on how to get you to a higher vibration.

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How to Keep Faith and Trust

One of the hardest things about being human, is having the ability to have faith and trust. With all the horrible things that go on in the world, it is easy to lose faith and not trust.

However, one of the greatest rewards in life, is when you are able to keep your faith and trust in something larger than yourself. Because if you do, with the right amount of patience, things work out beautifully. And usually, it was not something you could have planned for.

When speaking of faith, I am not only speaking of the religious or spiritual faith, but in the simple faith of life and, in certain circumstances. Keeping faith can simply mean holding on to even a little bit of hope that things will work out “ok”. And, even if they don’t, it is still okay because, there is still a lesson to be learned or, some other gem to be taken away from that experience.

In regards to trust, it is basically the same thing: that you can trust that things will work out “ok”. However, when speaking of trust, often other factors, such as fellow humans come into play. For example, if you have a strong faith, you may trust in that higher power to be there for you or, help you get through a tough time, but, you still may not trust the fellow humans involved, which can result to losing the faith.

A good way of still keeping your faith intact, is by learning to trust. To learn how to trust, is also by keeping your faith. For example, we can’t assume we are the only ones that take action out of faith, and are following a higher source of guidance. We have to also consider many others are doing the same. And, even if they are not consciously, their true self is. If you have faith in that situation, maybe it can help attract the best out of that person (their true self). And possibly, in at least in that moment, the other person could have a sense of clarity or, take unconscious action that is from a higher place, without even realizing.

As you may have guessed, this does tie into certain laws of the universe, such as the law of attraction, and how everything is energy. The bottom line is that if you think negative of a situation, you can only do more harm. Even psychologically, you cause yourself and others stress, which never makes things better.

So, why not keep the faith and trust? You could not be more hurt, than if you think negative about the situation. I am not saying to be naïve, and let all guards down, etc. But, it will not harm anything if at least in your mind, you practice faith.

For example, someone may be driving slowly in front of you and you could make up some story that they are just trying to make you mad. Or, you could have faith, that there is a reason for their actions and trust them. Maybe it is better off because they are a new driver. Or, maybe there is something up ahead you can’t see but, they want to make sure they are able to stop quickly. Very rarely, will the real reason be the negative story you made up.

What one of my teachers said recently is that if your mind is going to make up stories anyway (which they do, as we have very active imaginations), then why not make up positive stories? At the very least it will cause you less stress, and in the example above, have you drive safer (as opposed to tailgating or other harmful practices).

Also, by doing this you will also shift your energy to a more positive level, and over time to a higher vibration. And in the energy world, this will attract higher vibrational people and situations to you. 
Which in the end, allow you to live a more positive and happy life.

Even if you do not believe in the energy world, or laws of the universe, etc. As mentioned above, in the very least psychologically, it can only benefit you more, and in the end benefit your physical health as well, as stress is directly related to many ailments.

So, still not sure, on how to keep your faith and trust in certain situations? Or, have you lost your trust and faith along the way and want to get it back? Energy therapy is a great tool to work with, to help in this arena.

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Until next time; peace, love, light and JOY!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Woman Leaders: How Important They Are, and How You Can Be One!

Women may not always be the obvious leaders in society, but I feel in our families, we are, whether we like it or not.

Psychologically, the most influential people in a child’s life are the parents. Yes, this may include the father, and I am not downplaying the important role a father-figure has and, they are in many ways the leader.

But, the woman is often the leader in matters of the heart. Also, I am not just speaking to mothers, but I am also speaking to the other women in families such as; the sister, aunt, daughter, etc. Even as a single woman living alone, you still have the power to influence your family, friends or other networks, in matters of the heart and otherwise.

There have been times in my life where I have observed a woman I work with completely change the environment to something that felt safe, and of love, just by a small act of kindness, a hug, or supportive words. Their kids may have been all grown up, or may not even be a mother, but, they lead the way in their environment by speaking to the most basic needs of us all and, that is, to feel safe, loved and supported.  I can’t say how many times these small gestures often transformed by day and touched my heart.

Also, I am not saying men are incapable of being examples and leaders in this way, but I personally have never witnessed it and, it is generally speaking, more natural or easier for women to act this way, most of the time.

I also hope that with time, more and more men can become leaders in this way as well, as it is just as needed, for themselves, and the people around them.

But then, who will lead them there, first? Heart-centered women, of course.

Women are HEART LEADERS and here is how Peace Alive help women become this, in the most authentic way:

First, to have peace truly come alive, the dirt in the world needs to be cleaned up. But who will do this? You. Yes, you!

If you are woman struggling and, just wants, not only world peace but, peace in her own life, Peace Alive can help you clean that dirt up, and transform it into a more peaceful, confident, and healthy person and/or situation.

I call my clients heart-leaders, because once that dirt is cleaned up, all that is left is love and peace, and the women of this world can truly lead from this place, and teach others to do so.

By making your life better, you will become a heart-leader and expand your love to all corners of the world, whether you end up realizing it or not.

Sound like a lot of work? Nope, it is not! It is simple, and can be done effectively and fairly quickly with the energy therapy techniques Peace Alive uses.  All you need to do is take care of you for now. By doing this, you will actually help those around you more than you could ever imagine, without even trying! Sounds great right?

Well, to get started please contact me info@peacealive.comOr, for more inspiration, advice, special gifts and promotions, you can follow me on Twitter @peacealive1. Or, feel free to also like us on Facebook:
Until next time; peace, love, light and JOY!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Energy Therapy for Sexual Abuse Survivors

All my life I have been in contact with or, have known someone close to me who has experienced sexual abuse on some level. It has impacted my own family in a very serious and harmful way. I personally feel it is one of worst crimes, and yet, rarely are the cases reported, and if they are, rarely do the perpetrators go to jail or, get the punishment that would be “deserved”. 

For statistics regarding these incidents in Canada, please visit For statistics in America, in general, please visit I hope this will help make victims see they are not alone and, how important it is to speak out. Also, for those who were not aware of these numbers and, have not been a victim, to realize, an awareness and action for change, needs to be done.

Why I am speaking about this now is because I am part of a network, called, where petitions are set up and, you can sign them, to help make a difference. Recently, an especially important one came to me recently, regarding the curriculum in Ontario schools. For more details about this petition and to hopefully sign it, please visit

After receiving this petition, it reminded me of how important this subject is to me and I wanted to share it from an energy therapist perspective as well. Energy therapy does just relieve stress or anxiety but, it can help you heal and let go even the deepest of wounds. Although, like any practice in dealing with these type of wounds it can take some patience and time. And, a real desire to heal and let go. Also, depending on the severity of the present emotional state or of the event(s), energy therapy would also be best used in conjunction with other support systems as well.

Ultimately, my hope is that these awful occurrences happen less, or ideally, not at all. But, in order for that to even start happening, the survivors need to be able to speak out about it, report it and heal it. Then, comes the strength to make the changes necessary, such as, stopping the cycle of abuse, and making it harder for perpetrators to get away with it. Almost always perpetrators are repeat offenders, so if it happened to you, it happened to many others. The more people that come out, the more it will be undeniable that the perpetrator is guilty.

In order to assist in this process of change, I am willing to do my 1st sessions free with survivors of sexual abuse. I am not saying that it is a worst issue than anything else, but, it is an area I am very familiar with, in terms of the repercussions. Also, it is my small way in helping support these victims, as it is one of the most unreported crimes but yet, one of the most harmful.

So, if you have been a survivor of any sexual abuse crime and would like help in healing those wounds, please contact me at Remember, I hold information confidential and, with energy therapy you do not need to report specific details of the incident, nor will you be obligated to tell me who the perpetrators are. It is completely up to you, on what and, who you tell this information to.

If you do not contact me, I understand but, I hope with all my heart that you are able to not only survive through those incidents but also thrive in life, heal and be at peace.

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Until next time; peace, love, light and JOY!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Part 2: Get Empowered: Separation of the Self, from Family

Thank you for waiting for the second part of this post. I wanted to separate it, so it would be easier to digest. When we are looking at matters of identity, we can be challenged in many ways, and may not want to look outside of that “box”. If you haven’t read Part 1, please do so, as it will prepare you for this next section.

Now, that maybe your mind is bit more open and, you had time to digest and, contemplate what it means to be a part of your family but, also a separate identity, I would like to point out a few more views, before I provide an important exercise.

As I mentioned before, it is in your best interest to separate yourself from your family, so that progress can be made. Despite the obvious point that we don’t want to continue bad habits or, do things like continue the “cycle of abuse”, we can still make progress. No one or no one’s family is perfect. With an awareness, we can all agree on this.

I don’t encourage to focus on all the mistakes your parents made or, the “bad” things in your family. But, I do encourage you to be aware of them, so you are less likely to do the same.  After this awareness has come into place, you may notice you have already slipped and repeated these things. Not to worry though, because as I said, you don’t have to identify with these things and, can make a new choice today, or at any moment.

Once, there has been an improved course of action made, when this new awareness is brought, I encourage you to take the good things, and try to expand them. For instance, if your family is a generous bunch to each other, maybe you want to take that to the next level and, give back to your community and other families?

Before the exercise, there are also two aspects that need to be looked at, to understand the process. First, as an Energy Therapist, I see all the time that people not only engrain certain aspects of their family, into their mental concept of identity, but also into their energy field. That is why when they “let go” of a certain trait, it can feel almost physically painful, as it may have been with them for a long time. Possibly, even since birth, since many of us adopt these energies through past ancestors as well.

Another aspect of this topic, is that of the ego. I am sure this term has been brought to your attention more than once, but many still have a hard time adjusting to its lesson and concepts. A great resource to really bring awareness of the ego, is Eckhart Tolles' books. “The Power of Now” is a perfect start, but also to get even deeper, my favourite would be “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.”

In a nutshell, the ego is simply a by-product of our mind and is not truly who we are. The ego is what identifies things as good or bad, and attaches to our families for the support of these concepts of “who we are”. But as mentioned before, who we are, is actually a huge community of similar cells and DNA. And, who we are is our spirit.

In order to ever recognize your spirit and to know in fact, you have one, you have to separate yourself from your ego. Your ego is what manipulates, starts arguments, creates power struggles, and really is the main root of our suffering. And as you may have guessed: yes, it also identifies you with your family and latches on.

I doubt anyone wants to go backwards and regress in life and, most likely if they do, it is not them, it is their ego thinking it is “safer” or “better” for them.  So, let’s get started on separating from your ego and your family, so you can progress. As, it is our spirit/ true self that wants to inherently do so.

Step 1: Close your eyes and take at least 3 deep breathes and try to quiet the mind. Turn off any distractions if you need to. If thoughts come into your head, simply “watch” them and let them pass. Try not to get “attached”. If you catch yourself doing so, simply bring your focus back to your breath. 

Step 2: Stay in this place of peace for at least a few moments.

Step 3: Open your eyes and write down in one positive word what you felt in the moments of silence. Was it peace? Safety? Joy?

Step 4: Write down beside this positive word, “This is who I am.”

Step 5: Take your EFT chart out (if you have one). If you don’t have one, contact me at or sign up to our e-newsletter on and I will send you one.

Step 6: Tapping on the karate chop point say aloud, “Even though I have let myself be controlled by my past, family and/or ego, I now give myself permission to separate myself from my ego and family for the betterment of my future. I am ______ (fill in blank with positive word determined before). And I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself. “Repeat this 3 times.

Step 7: Move to other points, tapping 7/8 times on each one, while saying short phrases of the long one presented above, such as; “releasing past” , “giving permission to separate”, “ I am _____”, etc.  You can move through all the points for a few rounds.

Step 8: Take at least 1 or 2 deep breathes in and, come to that place of silence again, while closing your eyes. Stay here a few moments.

After trying this process, if you need assistance, have any questions or concerns, about the aspects or topics mentioned, please feel free to contact me directly or leave a comment below, and I would be happy to get back to you and assist.

I truly hope this exercise has brought some empowerment, awareness, peace or other feel-good feelings to your life today. If it has not, or even if you have any feedback you would like to share, I would love to hear it.

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Until next time; peace, love, light and JOY!