Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Always a Choice

As an extension of my last blog, “Making the Best of It”; I will be discussing a very crucial point in helping you to get a place where you are making the best out of every situation.

One of my favourite movies is “Dangerous Minds” which is about a teacher who inspires the teenagers she is teaching despite their lives being surrounded by negativity such as drugs, gangs, poverty and violence. The quote that has always most inspired me was when she told them, “There are no victims in this classroom.” Before she states this she is speaking with the students and trying to convince them that they have a choice to “get on that bus.”  To view the scene, click on the following link, Or, better yet- watch the entire movie!

I believe the real point she is trying to make here, is that people always fall victim to their own lives by focusing on the negative and giving up hope. Even though it takes a lot of courage to make the “right” choice – it is very rewarding in the end. And unfortunately in order to get to this rewarding place we have to make these difficult choices.
Some people may disagree with me on what I think she is trying to stay in this scene but it is something that has stuck with me for years.  Don’t get me wrong, having this philosophy and implementing it into your life is very different and can be a challenge.  But once making this most important decision, you are choosing to be empowered. And from an empowered state you can transform your life immensely. For instance, if one of those students choose to “get on that bus” by working hard in school, getting good grades, then getting a scholarship to a college, then attending that college, then choosing to find a career that will fulfill them- they would then be able to live in a safe neighbourhood, support a family, travel or whatever their heart desires.  Sounds easy, right? Well, of course it is much easier said than done but as I stated before it would be worth it.
Sometimes when we are facing a challenge or multiple challenges our judgement can be clouded and we end up making the “wrong” choice or the one that is not best for us. One of the first steps in getting your mind and spirit into this clear place is practicing activities that will allow healing to take place. Once the gunk is removed from your psyche and energy field- the right choice will be clear as day.
To start this process and help clear away the clouds, contact me today at  Once the right choices are clear, I will then help you step forward in making those choices which will lead to living your life on the “bright side” instead of in the dark.
Until next time; peace, love and light.

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